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The 2013-14 fishing season for Lake Otamangakau and Lake Kuratau begins on 1 October.

Date:  30 September 2013

Kim Turia playing a trout to the shore. Photo: Dave Conley.
Kim Turia playing a trout to the shore

The 2013-14 fishing season for Lake Otamangakau and Lake Kuratau begins on 1 October.

Lake Otamangakau, renowned for large trout, is often targeted by anglers keen to catch trout in the double figures. Having had a dry summer last year, it is hoped more rain will have a positive influence to the fishing for the 2014 season.

With a general increase in the trout population since 2007, anglers are encouraged to take, rather than release, smaller legal sized fish to reduce the overall population size and promote growth in the larger fish.

Soaking the trout in brine before smoking helps reduce the ‘earthy’ taste for fish from this catchment.

Lake Kuratau is a budding angler’s paradise with many fishing options available and no bag limit (minimum size limit of 30 cm). It is a great lake to take children to experience their first of many catches. Kids can spin fish from the sandy beach by the boat ramp and rainbow trout up to 2 lb can be readily caught. Fly fishing with a sinking line and a brown or green woolly bugger is also productive off the beach throughout summer.

The lake is generally shallow and the drowned forest of manuka trees at the top end of the lake can provide some good sport for anglers with access to a small boat. Brown woolly buggers work great here and the lake does contain some nice brown trout up to 5-6 lb in weight.

Lake Otamangakau is open to fishing until the end of May 2014 while Lake Kuratau closes one month later on the last day of June.

A Taupo Fishery licence and a keen desire to catch trout is required and please remember to always Check, Clean & Dry your fishing and boating gear before moving between different water ways.

Learn more on how to fish Lake Otamangakau and Lake Kuratau by checking out Lake Fishing Otamangakau or Lake Fishing Kuratau.


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