DOC is encouraging boaties to make use of a mobile rubbish barge that will be operating in the Bay of Islands waters this summer.

Date:  03 December 2012

DOC is encouraging boaties to make use of a mobile rubbish barge that will be operating in the Bay of Islands waters this summer.

The Northland Regional Council is trialling the service operated by a local contractor, Tim Roffey. The barge will be manned, and will anchor around the islands/boats in the eastern Bay of Islands for pre-advertised periods and locations to collect rubbish.

There will only be one mainland refuse site on the peninsula this year at Rawhiti.

Barge operation period

The barge will operate every other day initially commencing on 26 December 2012 through to 14 January 2013. This frequency is likely to reduce as the peak summer season progresses and is likely to finish by 25 January 2013.

The service is a trial this year, and will be dependent on both demand and the weather.

Rubbish pickup times and locations

Pickup times and barge locations will be broadcasted via Russell Radio (Channel 63). The position and timing of the service will be planned according to prevailing weather conditions.

Rubbish bags and cost

Far North District Council will be organising the refuse disposal on land with contractors East/West Waste.

You can buy East/West Waste bags from normal retail outlets:

  • Russell Front 4 Square
  • Russell Bookshop
  • Opua 4 Square
  • Burnsco Marine
  • Paihia 4 Square

The rubbish bags cost $3 and you will need to pay the barge an extra $2 to cover the shipping costs to mainland refuse sites.

Other bags will need an East West Waste sticker.

Please ensure you have change or cash on hand, as bags will not be accepted unless paid for.

The rubbish will be sorted into recycled and general rubbish so you can assist by bringing your refuse already sorted (bottles, cans and refuse).

DOC's 'Pack it in/Pack it out' rubbish policy

Rolien Elliot, DOC Area Manager says, "DOC is continuing to promote a Pack it in/Pack it out rubbish policy where visitors are responsible for their own rubbish as in a lot of conservation areas and parks throughout New Zealand.

You can help reduce the amount of rubbish you produce by

  • Re-packaging supplies in reusable containers and disposing of the original packaging before leaving home
  • Buying prepaid rubbish bags or stickers
  • Using refuse/recycling facilities on the mainland."

"Other ways visitors and locals can help the Bay of Islands over the summer are:

  • Supporting Project Island Song and the pest-free islands by stopping (before leaving home) - checking (for stowaways) – and going (and having fun!)
  • Picking up a free boatie bag from volunteers at the mainland boat ramps, marinas and wharves (it includes information about the rubbish trial)
  • Providing feedback about the rubbish disposal system via the Far North District Council feedback form

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Jim Lyle, Harbourmaster
Northland Regional Council
Phone: +64 9 402 7516

Rolien Elliot 
DOC Bay of Islands Area Manager

Pewhairangi / Bay of Islands Office
Phone:   +64 9 407 0300
Fax:   +64 4 471 1117
Address:   34 Landing Road
Kerikeri 0230
Postal Address:   PO Box 128
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