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Gordon Park Scenic Reserve has had large amounts of household rubbish and garden waste dumped in the car park and tracks recently.

Date:  27 August 2009

The Department of Conservation is concerned about the misuse of one of the local reserves close to Wanganui – Gordon Park Scenic Reserve which has had large amounts of household rubbish and garden waste dumped in the car park and tracks recently. Alongside this the new car park has also been an attraction for boy-racers who are tearing up the loose gravel.

The local reserve situated on the corner of Kaimatira Road and No3 Line is managed by DOC but looked after by the Friends of Gordon Park who keep the reserve free of invasive weeds by meeting twice a month with gloves and spade to set to work making the reserve a weed free visiting spot and short walk for tourists and locals. Aside from weeding though, the friends often find themselves picking up undesirable rubbish and just as undesirable garden waste.

Garden waste dumped in the car park area.
Garden waste dumped in the car park area

“The garden waste is an issue because it has the potential to introduce more weeds,” said George Taylor, Visitor Services Manager. “The car park was put in place to provide access to a wider group of people i.e. the elderly and the disabled as it originally had no parking and a style had to be climbed to gain entry”.

Gordon Park is a rare remnant of kahikatea dominated forest which once would have covered the Whanganui region. The reserve is home to some rare and uncommon plants and many native birds, insects and invertebrates and is a reminder of what the region may have been like before it was cleared and settled.

“Gordon Park is a great spot and is there for the public to use and enjoy, we would like the public to be vigilant and keep us informed if they see rubbish being dumped or the car park being misused” says George Taylor.


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