Department of Conservation staff in the Tongariro Forest kiwi sanctuary have increased efforts to catch rogue ferrets killing kiwi in the area.

Date:  27 February 2009

On Wednesday 25 February three adult kiwi monitored by the Department of Conservations Ruapehu Area Office Kiwi team, were found dead in the Tongariro Forest Kiwi Sanctuary.

Further investigations as to how the kiwi died confirmed that they were killed by ferrets.  “Having compared the bite marks on each kiwi, Ranger James McLaughlin was able to establish that there is at least two ferrets in the Tongariro Sanctuary” said DOC Kiwi Team Leader, Nicole Sutton. 

“Ferrets are highly intelligent predators that if left in the area will systematically kill the kiwi population so it is vitally important that we capture these predators as quickly as possible”. 

To stave off further kiwi predation, DOC have increased the number of ferret traps in a 5 km radius around the Kapoors Frost Flats area and ask for the cooperation of the public to stay away from these traps.


Aniwa Tawa
Ranger Community Relations 
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