Learn about how DOC assisted in the response to the Canterbury earthquake of 22 February 2011.

21 DOC trucks were shipped south to help in Christchurch.
21 DOC trucks were shipped south to help in Christchurch

Immediately after the 6.3 earthquake, DOC staff established an emergency coordination centre operating out of Mahaanui Area Office in Sockburn. The main priorities for this operation were to offer the maximum support possible to the earthquake recovery effort and to ensure the welfare of our staff.

DOC staff assisted the Fire Service, Police, Civil Defence, Christchurch City Council and others with a range of emergency response activities, including:

  • controlling helicopter traffic at Hagley Park;
  • assisting with Urban Search and Rescue with thermal imaging;
  • providing vehicle support to LandSAR, Red Cross and USAR;
  • providing back up to the New Brighton Fire Service;
  • filling tanks for fire control and dust suppression for Christchurch City Council;
  • helping transport Environment Canterbury staff around the city and also Vodafone  to maintain cell phone towers;
  • providing GIS and data entry support; and
  • undertaking mechanical servicing of equipment and vehicles.

We were able to draw upon departmental resources from across the nation to assist the operation including engineers, mechanics, GIS experts, fire trucks, tankers, pumps and utility vehicles.

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