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Save Kiwi Month is an annual fundraising campaign led by Kiwis for Kiwi each October. All New Zealanders can take part to raise funds and help save our national icon.

We urge all New Zealanders to join the fight to save our kiwi. Take part in Save Kiwi month through one of the activities on this page:

The Great Kiwi Morning Tī

Banner for the Great Kiwi morning Tī for October 2019

Take part in the Great Kiwi Morning Tī during October and get together with others to bake and sell biscuits to raise funds. Every biscuit bought will help Kiwis for kiwi to protect kiwi.

If you are one of the first 100 registrations for October 2019 to commit to raising $100 or more, Kiwis for kiwi will send you a Great Kiwi Morning Tī pack courtesy of Tī Ora.

Packs include sample packs of Tī Ora tea and some great resources to help with your planning.

Other ways to help

If you can donate

    • $50, you will help buy and set traps to keep predators away 
    • $75, you can help keep eggs and chicks safe by funding vital equipment (like protective transport boxes)
    • $100, you can protect kiwi by providing predator control to over 10 hectares for a whole year
    • $350, you help to buy transmitters that track adult kiwi to help make sure their chicks are hatched in safety

Kiwi in hand. Photo © Kiwis for kiwi.
We are losing 2% of our kiwi every year – that's about 20 per week!

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