Take a moment to refresh in nature
Image: Matt Lamers | Creative Commons


Take a moment to refresh in nature with our immersive digital nature sounds.

Use these resources to boost your wellbeing by connecting with nature. Studies show that connecting with New Zealand's nature can improve your focus, mood and immune system. 

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We’ve created some unique soundscapes, rich with the sounds from the sea to the mountains.

One audio track starts at the shore and over time, shifts to an alpine environment. Another brings you the ambience of the forest at night. The sounds you hear have been collected from across New Zealand over 80 years by DOC staff and sound designer Daniel Fraser. 

There are 1, 5, 10 minute or 5 hour versions to try. Put them on in the background while working or studying to bring some calming nature into your day. 

Listen to the nature soundscapes


A group of penguins on rocks.
Snares crested penguins
Image: Debbie Freeman | DOC

We’ve also created nature video soundscapes for your wellbeing with support from Natural History NZ. Put them on your TV or computer in the background to bring some calming nature into your home. 

The videos have been used as part of a study in Christchurch schools and showed lasting benefits, including improved attention and calm.

Pick a video:

Sounds of Science podcast 

Did you know DOC has its very own podcast series? 

Hosted by our Threatened Species Ambassador, the DOC Sounds of Science podcast offers a behind-scenes-look at how we care for NZ's native species and natural environment. 

With 14 episodes (over 400 minutes of audio) on a broad range of topics, you won’t be bored anytime soon. 

The DOC Sounds of Science podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple podcasts and Spotify – just search us. Transcripts and show notes available here.

Bird songs and calls

Close up of a ruru owl.
Ruru up close.
Image: Sabine Bernert | ©

Listen to and download recordings of songs and calls of New Zealand birds. 

How many songs do you recognise? Spend some time getting to know the different calls of birds in your local area so when you’re next out and about you will be able to recognise them. 

You could make one of them your phone ringtone or play them while working/studying to bring nature into your day.

Listen to the bird songs and calls

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