Conservation Week started in 1969, with DOC leading the campaign from 1987.


It's a national celebration that encourages people to get involved in nature and help to take care of it.

Conservation Week 2019

DOC's 50th Conservation Week will be held during 14–22 September 2019.


Conservation Week events are organised across the country. These provide opportunities to join in, get active and show your love for our nature. They also showcase the special species, features, and people involved with particular places; the historical and cultural information about the area; and the steps you can take to contribute towards conservation at the site or back in in your own backyard.

Other groups, businesses, councils and agencies are encouraged to join in with their own events and activities as part of Conservation Week.


Each year we produce resources such as banners and posters that you can use to help us spread the word.

History of Conservation Week

The New Zealand Scout Association originally kicked off Conservation Week for New Zealand in 1969. The Nature Conservation Council then had a turn at running the campaign, while other organisations like the Post Office Savings Bank, Caltex Oil NZ, and The Todd Foundation came to the party with educational resources. 

Famous artists like Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Don Binney have contributed their art for previous campaigns.

When the Department of Conservation was formed in 1987 it took over the Conservation Week duties, and has since worked with other groups, businesses, councils and agencies to make it all happen.

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