Find out what was covered in the Rangatahi mō Papatūānuku video competition workshops.

These workshops are part of the Rangatahi mō Papatūānuku video competition.

Workshop 1

'Coming up with your story' was the first workshop to kick off. Storybox and rangatahi workshop facilitators Ngato and Te Mahara, spoke about some key information about the competition, the importance of telling your story. They also covered documentary styles you could possibly incorporate in your 2-minute factual video. If you missed out, no worries! Check out the blog and write down some of the questions the team wrote to help you come up with an idea for your video!

Workshop 1 blog post.

Workshop 2

For the second online workshop, 'Planning and Preparation', the team pulled out a short presentation on how to plan your video. It included tips on interviewing and researching to help ensure you're well prepared before shooting your 2-minute-factual video!

Workshop 2 blog post.

Workshop 3

It’s time to shoot your video and showcase your story! Te Mahara, a rangatahi filmmaker and workshop co-facilitator, talked through the basics of how camera shots, lighting techniques and sound can evoke meaning to help emphasise your story.

Workshop 3 blog post.

Workshop 4

In our final online workshop ‘Editing and upload’, we suggested some free editing apps or software you can use, talked through some useful editing techniques and spoke about how storytelling continues even during the editing stage. Read the workshop blog to gather tips to help you out! 

Workshop 4 blog post.

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