Conifer Cavalry volunteers remove young pine trees

Image: Jesse Bythell | ©


Rampant weeds are smothering our native plants and destroying our native landscapes. Help stop them now, and join the action to protect our nature.


Invasive weeds are destroying our native plant communities. This invasion is transforming  the natural landscapes that make New Zealand unique. It's also killing the native animals that depend on those habitats.  

It's happening in our wetlands, coastal dunes, shrublands and bush. The process is too slow to see but never stops. Time lapse photos can reveal the relentless progression of weed invasion.

If we are to preserve our natural landscapes and native species, we have to fight a 'War on Weeds'.

To win this war we must all work together. We invite you to join with DOC and conservation groups nationwide to fight the War on Weeds. Watch a video about a group waging war on weeds in pristine native bush at Lake Kaniere near Hokitika.

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