Find the most suitable pest control tools for your Predator Free 2050 protection area.


The following steps are recommended by Predator Free 2050 community groups:

When to use toxins instead of traps

  • If there are higher pest densities at your site, trapping will be labour intensive and inefficient unless the traps are self-resetting. Toxins are often a better choice in such circumstances.
  • Your local pest populations can become trap shy or poison shy if you stick to the same control method for a long time. Changing the tool can help you reach more targets.

Filter by target species



Double-set DOC-200 trap.
Image: DOC

Kill targets: possums
Best for:
controlling possums when trapping is the preferred control option
 labour saving; good instructions and support; humane
higher initial costs to purchase

The AT220:

  • has passed the NAWAC welfare guidelines for humane trapping
  • is a self-resetting kill trap made by NZ Auto Traps
  • up to 100cycles without the need to tend to and reset
  • 6 months between service – only requires checking every 6 months.


For possums: NZ Auto Traps Possum Lure – flour, sugar, fats, aniseed, and cinnamon mixed with peanut oil.


DOC-200 trap (and DOC-250, DOC-150)

Double-set DOC-200 trap.
DOC-200 double-set trap
Image: Erana Stevens-Tulip | DOC

Kill targets: stoats and rats
Best for:
stoat control
 long service life; proven effective; humane 
large and heavy

The DOC-200:

  • must be used inside a covered tunnel box
  • requires some expertise to check the trigger sensitivity over time (100 g)
  • comes in single-trap or double-trap combinations – doubles are recommended for stoat control
  • may require box modification to exclude non-targets, such as small children, weka, and kea
  • should be replaced by the larger DOC-250 if ferrets are present
  • replaces the older and smaller DOC-150. 

Watch how-to videos about the DOC-200 trap.


For stoats: meat (Connovation Erayze, rabbit, salted rabbit); eggs (less attractive but longer lasting)
For rats: peanut butter (Connovation Ferafeed, peanut butter mixed with rolled oats); other nut-based or chocolate lures

A24 trap

A24 self-resetting trap.
A24 self-resetting trap by Goodnature
Image: Goodnature ©

Kill targets: stoats and rats
Best for: controlling rats when trapping is the preferred control option 
 labour saving; good instructions and support; humane
 higher ongoing costs (lure and canisters); long-life stoat lure is still in development  

The A24:

  • is a self-resetting trap made by Goodnature
  • can trigger 24 times before needing a COcanister change.

Watch a how-to video about the A24 trap


For rats: Goodnature Rat Lure 
For stoats: Goodnature Stoat Lure; Connovation Erayze

Victor modified trap

Modified Victor trap with tunnel.
Modified Victor trap with tunnel
Image: Pest Control Research ©

Kill targets: stoats and rats
Best for: controlling low-density rat populations over small areas
Pros: cheap; small and light; humane
Cons: labour intensive; lower durability unless treated with preservative  

The Victor modified trap:

  • is a Victor rat trap with a plastic fitting which makes it humane and suitable for targetting stoats
  • will catch fewer rats than an unmodified Victor trap
  • is usually second choice to a DOC-200, but may suit small sites and budgets
  • is used inside a tunnel or plastic pipe to shelter the trap and limit the risk of by-kill.

Watch a how-to video about the modified Victor trap


  • For stoats: 'Mustelid & Cat & Rat Lure' by; Connovation Erayz
  • For rats: 'Mustelid & Cat & Rat Lure' or 'Rat & Possum Lure' by; chocolate; peanut butter

Trapinator (and Sentinal, Warrior)

Image: CMI Springs © 

Kill target: possums
Best for: controlling low-density possum populations
 relatively easy and safe to use; humane

  • is similar to Sentinal and Warrior possum traps, but easier to set
  • is an all-in-one spring-set kill mechanism in a plastic box
  • is mounted by screws onto trees, 1 m above the ground.

Watch a how-to video about the Trapinator


Peanut butter; Connovation Smooth in a Tube; Possum Dough by

A12 trap

A12 self-resetting trap by Goodnature
Image: Erana Stevens-Tulip | DOC 

Kill target: possums
Best for: humane control of low–moderate density possum populations 
 safe and easy to use; labour saving; good instructions and support; humane 
higher ongoing costs (lure and canisters)

The A12:

  • is a self-resetting trap made by Goodnature
  • can trigger 12 times before needing a CO2 canister change.


Goodnature Possum Lure.

Cholecalciferol toxin (vitamin D3)

Kill target: rats and possums
Best for: controlling rats or possums at medium to low densities
can be used without a licence; low secondary poisoning risk
 pests can become bait shy if the bait is used incorrectly; requires a pre-feed


  • is a naturally-occurring substance found in liver, fish oil, egg yolk and milk fat
  • is often used as a health supplement, but is toxic in high doses
  • must be used in bait stations for most PF2050 projects
  • requires one prefeed of non-toxic bait.

Examples of cholecalciferol for rat control:

  • Feracol
  • LDC Feracol Paste Bait
  • D3 Rat One Feed Bait

Examples of cholecalciferol for possum control:

  • Feracol paste
  • Feracol Strikers
  • LDC Feracol Paste Bait
  • Pestoff Decal Possum Bait

First-generation anticoagulant toxins

Kill target: rats
Best for: controlling rats where possum population densities are not high
 doesn't require a pre-feed
ineffective in possum-infested areas (possums out-compete rats for the bait); potential for low kill rates if inadequate amounts are used; incorrect usage can lead to resistance in rats

First-generation anticoagulants:

  • are weak, blood-thinning toxins that interrupt the body’s ability to clot
  • require multiple bait applications over 1 wk period
  • remain in the body for a shorter time than other toxins, limiting the threat of by-kill of non-target species
  • must be used in bait stations for most PF2050 projects
  • do not require a pre-feed of non-toxic bait
  • are safer than second-generation anticoagulants, which are suited to special cases only.

Examples of first-generation anticoagulants for rat control

  • Coumatetralyl (Racumin Paste)
  • Diphacinone (Ditrac All-Weather Rodent Block, RatAbate Paste, Pestoff Rat Bait 50D, D-Block for the Control of Rats (RatAbate Blocks), D-Block Extreme)
  • Pindone (Pindone Pellets for possums and rats)
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