DOC recommends the use of traps that have passed the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) testing guidelines.


In New Zealand trap use is regulated by the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

The following table shows whether or not a trap has passed the NAWAC guidelines for trapping animals. You can use this information to help you select your traps.

The tests relate to the welfare performance of the traps, not to their capture efficiency, safety, costs, or target specificity.

To test humaneness, NAWAC sets thresholds for injuries for live traps, and time limits for an animal to become 'irreversibly unconscious' in kill traps. You can learn more about how NAWAC performs its humaneness assessments in their welfare guidelines for traps:

NAWAC guideline test status (updated 7 November 2019)
Trap Possum Ship rat Norway rat Stoat Ferret Weasel Hedgehog Feral cat
DOC 150     Y Y     Y  
DOC 200   Y Y Y     Y  
DOC 250   Y Y Y Y   Y  
BT200       Y        
Goodnature A24   Y   Y        
D-Rat trap (Works model)   Y            
Victor Professional PCR model   Y Y Y        
Victor Professional   Y            
Nooski     Y          
Snap E (unmodified)   N N          
T Rex/Tomcat   Y            
Fenn MK4       N        
Fenn MK6       N        
Timms               Y
KBL Tunnel         N      
Possum master N       N     N
Sentinel Y              
Warrior Y              
Trapinator Y              
Goodnature A12 Y              
PodiTRAP         Y      
SA Coni N             Y
Twizel kill trap               Y
Belisle Super X 220               Y
Conibear 120         N      
Conibear 220               N
SA2 Kat trap Y             Y
AT220 Y Y            
Victor No.1 double coil spring, unpadded Y              
Victor No.1.5 double coil spring, padded                

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