Contact Abi Wightman, our Predator Free Ranger for the Lower North Island region.

Abi Wightman working in the field
Image: DOC

Contact Abi

Name: Abi Wightman
Role: Community Ranger, Palmerston North

About Abi

"As well as the great outdoors I enjoy sports and fitness and can often be found grubbing thistles amongst a flock of sheep.

"I work with volunteers, school groups and Toyota Kiwi Guardians. I also organise events, support DOC's Community Fund and answer queries about statutory land management.

"My background is in education with an environmental focus, and I've carried out habitat restoration work as a volunteer.

"For me, it's always good to see people achieving their potential, and I believe in networking with others; he aha te nea nunui? He tangata , he tangata, he tangata."

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