Contact Vanessa Mander, our Predator Free Ranger for the Eastern South Island region.

Vanessa Mander
Vanessa Mander | Image: DOC

Contact Vanessa

Name: Vanessa Mander
Role: Community Ranger
Based in: Christchurch

About Vanessa

"I've been with DOC since 2017 as a Community Ranger for the Mahaanui District. I spend a lot of my time working with our passionate community groups and volunteers - everything from planting projects right through to setting up predator control and monitoring.

"I am continually inspired by all the hard mahi in our area and I really want to empower people to help New Zealand realise our Predator Free 2050 goal – because remember, it all starts with us.

"My passion (and some would say long-term distraction) is the amazing array of bird life New Zealand has to offer. Some of which are so odd that there is no real equivalent anywhere else. I have a background in biodiversity monitoring, project planning and management and have my finger in enough pies that I generally know someone who can help answer the curliest questions if I’m stumped.

"Let’s get in behind the Predator Free 2050 mission and help our native biodiversity flourish!"

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