Vespex is a targeted wasp bait that can be purchased from Merchento by approved users.

Introduced wasps are a significant pest which harm our native birds and insects, and are a threat to human health and recreation.

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To help control wasp populations, Nelson-based company Merchento have developed a wasp bait in conjunction with DOC. Vespex was piloted on five public conservation land sites in 2015, and reduced wasp activity by more than 95%.

The protein bait, which contains the commonly used insecticide fipronil, is targeted at wasps and is not attractive to bees.

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How to run a wasp control programme with Vespex

To use Vespex you need to become an approved user.

Follow these steps and you will meet both the New Zealand legislation and the stewardship requirements of the product and become an approved user.

  1. Watch the video below which explains all the phases in wasp control.
  2. Examine the product label on the Merchento website.
  3. Sit a short online quiz based on the video and the product label on the Merchento website.

You can find full information about becoming an appproved user on the Merchento website.

Vespex can be used on public or private land, but if you wish to carry out wasp control operations on public conservation land you need to contact your local DOC office to enquire about the permission process you need to follow.

Approved users can purchase Vespex from Merchento.


For more information about Vespex contact Merchento Ltd:

Phone: +64 3 539 0508
Website: Merchento

Wasp control using Vespex protein bait 2017 video

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