Sperm whale fluke, Kaikoura

Image: Andrew Walmsley | ©


Watch videos, read blog posts by DOC staff, and check out the latest news articles about whales and DOC's work with these mammals.

Blog posts

DOC's Conservation Blog offers a behind-the-scenes look at our conservation work.

  • Saving the whales at Farewell Spit
    07 September 2015
    DOC's Andrea Crawford writes about a remarkable day in February spent rescuing stranded whales at Farewell Spit.
  • Photo of the week: Southern Ocean humpback whale
    17 March 2015
    Scientists aboard the research vessel Tangaroa returned home last week after six weeks in the Southern Ocean studying the marine ecosystems around Antarctica.
  • Southern right whale visits Otago Harbour
    31 August 2014
    By DOC’s Andrea Crawford, Dunedin A southern right whale/tohora and her calf were spotted cruising around Otago Harbour last week—coming close to the shore, showing off their acrobatic skills, and giving onlookers a dramatic display of their flukes and blowholes. These beautiful, inquisitive, gigantic mammals (adults are up to 18 metres long) are often seen along […]
  • Photo of the week: Humpback whales
    24 June 2014
    Today’s photo of the week is of two humpback whales and a pod of dusky dolphins travelling near the Kaikoura Coast. The Department of Conservation is currently conducting a research project that monitors the northern migration of humpback whales through the Cook Strait. This will be the eleventh annual Cook Strait Whale Survey. The survey aims to […]

Southern right whale. Photo: Nyla Strachan.
Southern right whale showing callosites on its head. Photo taken with zoom lens.

A humpback whale slaps its tail.
A humpback whale slaps its tail. Photo taken with zoom lens.

Videos about whales

Meet the Locals: Kaikoura
Learn about out how we made the shift from hunting whales, to watching them. Nic meets tourism operators in the Marlborough region and some of our largest locals!

Meet the Locals: Project Jonah
New Zealand is a real hotspot for marine mammals, with over half of the world's species of dolphins and whales appearing in our waters. This video is about how people learn to rescue stranded whales.

Whale watching
New Zealand stopped whaling in 1964 when the last whaling station in Cook Strait closed. Nowadays, ex-whalers use their skills to help protect whales.

Whales in the news

DOC stories and media releases about our work with whales.

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