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Conservation blog

Banded kokopu. Photo copyright: Stephen Moore. DOC use only.
Our native banded kokopu are good climbers. They make their way upstream until they find small forest streams with plenty of cover and shade

A behind-the-scenes look at DOC's conservation work.

Meet Tev (June 2014)
Tev is short for Teviot flathead galaxias. He lives in a small part of the Teviot River in Otago and his species is listed as 'nationally critical' - just one step away from 'extinct'.

Koaro live to fight another day (September 2013)
Koaro, a little native fish, now have a sanctuary in the upper reaches of Hamurana Springs near Rotorua.

Giant kokopu safari in Wellington (April 2013)
Brian Sheppard works for DOC at National Office in Wellington. He writes about his recent surprise at finding a giant kokopu living in the stream near his house in urban Wellington.

Spreading Galaxiid love in Otago (April 2013)
Lan Pham is a Freshwater Fish Ranger from DOC’s Coastal Otago Area Office, she writes about an exciting new project to spread the love of New Zealand’s freshwater fish species.

Common bully.
Common bully are well camouflaged against sand and rocks, although they are often seen darting in the shallows during the day

Videos about native fish

A documentary that spotlights the life of an endemic New Zealand freshwater eel. The film takes you on an epic journey through the life of this intriguing creature.

Electric fishing
Did you know that New Zealand has at least 35 species native fish? The trouble is many of our fish are tiny and hard to find, so DOC uses electric fishing to monitor them.

Feeding eels video
Watch a short video about the worlds largest eel, the longfin eel.

Tuna video
Many of us when we think about eels don't exactly have a very favourable opinion. But at Pukaha Mount Bruce, there's a lot to learn about eels and the incredible journey they must make to survive.

Native fish in the news

DOC stories and media releases about our work with native fish.

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