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Whio creche at the National Trout Centre
The whio creche, or hardening facility, is where young whio/blue duck go to grow stronger, and get used to fast flowing water. DOC ranger Malcolm visits the facility at the Tongariro National Trout Centre with Conservation Dog Fern. 

Whio in Whakapapa
The rapid loving whio or blue duck is currently in the second highest category of endangered species in New Zealand. Here on the Whakapapa River the ducks are thriving – watch this video to find out why.

Coast to Coast
Extreme athletes and conservationists are coming together to help protect one of New Zealand's rarest birds, the blue duck. We meet Robin Judkins, the man bringing this all together.

How whio or blue duck in Te Urewera Mainland Island after ten years of predator control. Monitoring whio is a great way of measuring how effective pest control can be.

Whio partnership off to a flying start 
The future of one of New Zealand’s most endangered species is looking brighter, with the latest whio breeding season resulting in 206 new ducklings!

Genesis Energy Whio Recovery Programme
DOC's partnership with Genesis Energy

Whio Forever video series
Five New Zealanders share their passion for working with whio

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