You can help protect and restore New Zealand's wetlands.

Visiting wetlands

Follow regulations and observe the water care code when using waterways for recreation. This helps protect the area and the animals that live there.

Managing wetlands

As a landowner you can fence wetlands and waterways, and plant a buffer to protect wetlands on your property.

Just a few changes in the way land is managed can make a big difference to water quality and wetland conservation.

Manage the riparian margin

Managing the riparian margin responsiibly will help protect wetlands. The riparian margin is the surrounding area of land next to a water body. Ideally, this margin should be as large as possible to effectively protect water quality.

Plant around wetlands

Planting appropriate plants around wetlands will help stabilise soil and stop nutrient runoff flowing directly into water, especially when coupled with fencing to exclude stock.

Plantings can also provide nesting sites, food and shelter for wildlife as well as adding to the natural character of the area.

Maintain water levels

Maintenance of water levels helps promote healthy wetland vegetation while preventing weed invasion.

More information

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