Tāwharanui Marine Reserve looking towards Te Hauturu-o-Toi / Little Barrier Island
Image: Brendan Bombaci | ©


This marine reserve report card assesses the health of the marine reserve according to a range of measures. The status and trend over five years are reported for each measure. More measures may be added in the future.

Situated on the northern coast of the predator-free Tāwharanui Peninsula, the area has been closed to fishing since 1981 and was given marine reserve status in 2011.

The ecosystems within Tāwharanui Marine Reserve are healthier and in a more natural state than those outside its boundaries. The reserve is, however, influenced by the health of the marine environment outside its boundaries – it has no walls.

Larger-scale factors in the Hauraki Gulf such as changing climate patterns, urban development and overfishing affect the health of this marine reserve.

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