Iain MacGregor (Stuff) at Burwood Bush filming Takahe.
Image: Andrea Vance | ©


DOC has worked with media outlets to raise awareness about the biodiversity crisis and the work that is happening to protect and restore nature.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) is the lead agency for protecting biodiversity in New Zealand. But we cannot do it alone.

To achieve the goals in Te Mana o Te Taio – the Aotearoa Biodiversity Strategy, for places and species that are in serious trouble, we need help to reach a wider audience. DOC has supported independent efforts to raise public awareness of the threats that confront our wildlife and habitats.

Two such efforts are the Radio New Zealand documentary series 'Fight for the Wild' and the Stuff series, 'This is How it Ends'.

Both of these documentary series were supported in their production by DOC. They have provided independent perspectives on a pervasive issue of species and habitat loss and hopeful recovery.

They have turned their spotlights on some of our priority issues in a way that is accessible and compelling.

DOC provided technical support, expert commentary, facilitated access to areas that are difficult to get to and helped with negotiation to make sure the stories of the current threats and successes are told.

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