Hunter in Ashburton Lakes area.
Image: Jack Mace | ©


Te Ara ki Mua is an adaptive framework to manage wild goats, deer, and other wild animals (pigs, tahr, and chamois).

The framework supports the implementation plan for Te Mana o te Taiao – Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy.

The key action is to reduce browsing pressure to support ecosystem resilience by:

  • improving monitoring, delivery, and evaluation of wild animal management
  • coordinating efforts and enhancing capacity across the people, organisations, and agencies involved in wild animal management.

Twenty focus areas guide organisations in their efforts toward the key action. The focus areas also set the direction for a new national programme in DOC.

Te Ara ki Mua describes a range of values people may hold about wild animals. The focus areas are designed to respect these values to sustain outcomes over time.

Download the framework

September 2023: Minor revisions. 

Te Ara ki Mua: A framework for adaptive management of wild goats, deer, wild pigs, tahr and chamois (PDF, 2,574K)

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