Let us know how innovation in the way we use information and emerging technology can help biodiversity thrive. Submissions closed Sunday 14 November 2021.

The word biodiversity is short for ‘biological diversity’ and simply means the variety of life on earth.

The final Long-Term Insights Briefing is now available 

Be aware the information below refers to the previous 2021 draft briefing and is no longer current. 

A draft document informed by this consultation was consulted on from November 2022 until January 2023. Feedback was reviewed and the final Briefing was released in March 2023.

Read the final Long-Term Insights Briefing

Submissions closed 14 November 2021

About the consultation

This consultation helps us construct a Long-term Insights Briefing.

A Long-term Insights Briefing explores the medium and long-term trends, risks and opportunities facing Aotearoa New Zealand and potential options for responding to them. It aims to stimulate debate. By looking to the long-term, we can make sure we’re ready to make decisions that achieve our vision for biodiversity.

More about what Long-term Insights Briefings are.

This consultation is the first of two consultations for the Long-term Insights Briefing:

  • First consultation – we seek feedback on the proposed topic for our Long-term Insights Briefing. This first consultation will also help us make a start on the draft of the Briefing.
  • Second consultation – in early 2022, we‘ll seek feedback on the draft Briefing. 

We’re working with LINZ

This consultation is done in partnership between Te Papa Atawhai Department of Conservation (DOC) and Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). 

Your input will help

We’re proposing two focus areas that can be transformative: 

  • new and improved information
  • the use of biotechnology.

We’re asking you if these two focus areas are the right ones for us to be starting a national conversation about. 

We‘ll also consider the ways in which social innovation, such as citizen science, can play a role and help us make the most of the opportunities in information and emerging technologies.

Consultation document

The consultation document goes into greater detail about the focus areas that we’re proposing. These would guide a national conversation on the future of biodiversity. The document includes: 

  • some of the future challenges for biodiversity
  • proposed areas of innovation for us to explore further – this will include examples of the focus areas
  • questions to prompt feedback
  • glossary of terms used.

The document takes around 20 minutes to read fully.

Prompt questions

  1. Do you agree that the Long-term Insights Briefing should focus on new and improved information and biotechnology to find ways to care for Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity in the future? Why or why not?
  2. Are there any parts of information or biotechnology that you think need to be covered in the Long-term Insights Briefing? This can include applications in other sectors and disciplines, international approaches, social innovation, and any unintended consequences. 
  3. How can we make sure we include other forms of expertise when making decisions about the use of information and biotechnology? Examples include mātauranga Māori social science and citizen science.
  4. What else should DOC and Toitū Te Whenua consider? 
  5. Are there any topics you would like the DOC or Toitū Te Whenua to consider for future briefings?

Submissions closed 5 pm 14 November 2021

All submissions are subject to the Official Information Act and can be released under this Act. If you have specific reasons for wanting to have your submission withheld, explain your reasons in the submission. Your reasons will be considered when making any assessment for the release of submissions under the Official Information Act. 

Confirmation of the proposed topic and summary of consultation

The submission we received provided plenty of detail which reinforced that our proposed topic was worth exploring further in a Long-term Insights Briefing. The proposed topic of the Long-term Insights Briefing has been confirmed and the wording updated to: How can we help biodiversity thrive through the innovative use of information and emerging technologies?

Report summarising the consultation (PDF, 2,800K)

What happens next

What happens now:

  1. We publish a summary of what we heard through consultation and the decisions we have made on the topic of the Long-Term Insights Briefing.
  2. We use your feedback to start drafting the Long-Term Insights Briefing. 
  3. In mid 2022, we’ll seek public feedback on the draft Long-Term Insights Briefing from the public.
  4. The final Long-term Insights Briefing will be presented to Parliament by late 2022. 


If you have any questions email us. 


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