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Many businesses are contributing to restoring and protecting the environment.

In New Zealand around 4,000 native species are threatened or at risk of extinction. Every business can play a vital role in helping to restore and protect nature.

Toitū te marae a Tāne, toitū te marae a Tangaroa, toitū te tangata.

If the land is well and the sea is well, the people will thrive.

Examples of businesses helping nature

Wasp Wipeout

Wasp Wipeout is a collaborative partnership between Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ), DOC, Stuff media, and the Tasman Environment Trust and Councils. Wasp Wipeout's aim is:

  • reducing of vespula wasp populations, and
  • to spread awareness of the threats caused by these species.

Wasp Wipeout info from CVNZ.

NZMCA/Kiwirail Partnership for Kea

The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) has joined forces with:

  • KiwiRail
  • DOC, and
  • Kea Conservation Trust (KCT).

Together they've got an initiative to help save the seriously endangered kea.

More about NZMCA/Kiwirail Partnership for Kea.

Pure Salt

Pure Salt is a Fiordland based adventure charter boat business. They're passionate about conservation and are supporting the Tamatea/Dusky Sound restoration project with predator control on two islands within this remote fiord.

More about Pure Salt's conservation help.

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