Volunteers on the Chatham Islands
Image: Monica Valdes


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From the Conservation Blog

Read blog posts written by and about our volunteers:

  • Southern volunteers show their strength
    In the depths of the South Island, where Moa and Moose still roam, Jill Hetherington tells a tale of two employees who have brought in 2,000 work days of conservation effort. 
  • Volunteers at the heart of protecting Devonport Peninsula
    Volunteers are at the heart of the community effort to protect native birds on the Devenport peninsula. National Volunteer Advisor Chris Charles tells us about the great work volunteers in the community are undertaking to keep native birds safe from predators.
  • Volunteering with whio in Turangi
    Massey University student, Victoria Buckley, tells us about her opportunity to work at the Whio Crèche in Turangi over the past summer.

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Celebrating 30 years

This year we celebrate 30 years of change in our work with communities. We put the spotlight on some of the milestones and challenges over that time and glimpse at the future of this work.

Growing conservation spotlight stories.

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