This free online course has been developed to introduce you to the concept of biosecurity and how it relates to DOC's core work. You'll find out where you fit in and how you can make a difference.

What's the course about?

You will learn:

  • why biosecurity is important
  • how you can help (prevent, investigate, report)
  • what the 'biosecurity system' entails
  • the agencies involved and their roles and responsibilities.

The course uses a real-life example of the biosecurity system in practice by looking at the Painted Apple Moth incursion response.

It should aboud 15 minutes to complete the course, but you can revisit it anytime to refresh your biosecurity fundamentals.

Who is it for?

General members of the public or anyone who works or wants to work or volunteer in conservation, including:

  • regional council staff
  • volunteers
  • members of community groups/trusts/funding recipients.
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