Find out what you need to do to make your translocation idea happen.

1. Idea

Get familiar with your idea for a translocation, and with what's involved in moving native plants and animals. Then write an outline and talk to your local DOC office about your idea.

Read the guides and prepare a translocation outline.

2. Feedback

We will check that all the key stakeholders in the translocation have had a chance to provide feedback on your outline. This feedback will ensure that your idea is workable, and that you don’t start on a significant amount of work (by developing a proposal) before wider input has been sought.

This step allows all stakeholders, including iwi, to be involved in the project from the beginning.

DOC will discuss your outline with you, tangata whenua, other DOC staff and key stakeholders. A DOC contact person will give you feedback.

3. Prepare proposal and plan

If you decide to go ahead, your DOC contact person will discuss further details including support, required paperwork, costs, timeframes and permits.

Complete the translocation proposal form.
(Why are translocation proposals needed?)

4. Transfer and release

If your proposal is approved, you can carry out your translocation.

  • At least two months before your transfer, you need to inform tangata whenua, DOC, and other key partners that it is about to take place.
  • Carry out collection, transfer and release according to your translocation proposal, permit conditions and other conditions.
  • Carry out disease management.
  • Involve tangata whenua and the community.

Evaluate the outcomes so far, and write a transfer report.

5. Manage, monitor, report

Carry out short term management and monitoring at the release site, according to your translocation proposal.

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