Find out what native species to plant where, and all about 'ecosourcing'. Check out some of the restoration projects which are happening in Nelson/Marlborough.


The guide below contains information about the key principles and ideas around ecosourcing. Although designed for Nelson City the principles are applicable to anywhere.

Download the Eco-sourcing Guidelines for Nelson City (PDF, 89K)

There are nurseries in the Nelson region which focus on eco-sourcing for restoration projects. Three nurseries - Mainly Natives Plant Nursery Ltd, Titoki Nursery Ltd and Nelmac Ltd - hold concessions to collect seed from reserves and conservation land for the purposes of supplying eco-sourced plant material.

Restoration projects

The Department of Conservation (DOC) undertakes and supports a wide range of ecological restoration work in the region.

The Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project is one of DOC's ‘mainland island’ initiatives.

Community-led conservation projects are a key part of DOC’s work.

Planting lists

DOC has developed native plant lists in association with local authorities over the majority of Nelson Marlborough.

These lists are designed to assist landowners, community groups and organisations who have an interest in native restoration and revegetation work.

They are important not only to inform people what the correct species is to plant at a given location, but they provide other information as well, eg. what environmental conditions a species prefers, what species provide food for birds and so on.

View map of Council boundaries (PDF, 1019K)

Nelson City

View map of ecosystems/zones for Nelson (PDF, 211K)

Planting lists for Nelson City

Marlborough District

Marlborough District is split into North Marlborough (which consists largely of the Marlborough Sounds and Pelorus/Rai Catchments) and South Marlborough (largely Wairau and Awatere Catchments).

South Marlborough

View map of ecosystems/zones for South Marlborough (PDF, 176K)

Planting lists for South Marlborough

North Marlborough

View map of ecosystems/zones for North Marlborough (PDF, 285K)

Planting lists for North Marlborough

Tasman District

There are planting lists available for the majority of private land in Tasman District. They are split into zones for Golden Bay and Tasman Bay.


  • Tthe planting list for one of the Tasman Bay zones - 'Motueka granite hill country' - has yet to be completed.
  • The Buller Catchment does not appear on the maps but there are two planting lists which are available - 'Rotoiti-Upper Buller flats' and 'Murchison plains and terraces'.

Golden Bay

Map of ecosystems/zones of Golden Bay (PDF, 825K)

Planting lists for Golden Bay

Tasman Bay–Buller

Map of ecosystems/zones of Tasman Bay (PDF, 1,366K)

Planting lists for Tasman Bay–Buller

Kaikoura District

There are no comprehensive planting lists for Kaikoura District. Contact the local DOC office. 


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