A reference guide for people undertaking activities that may impact on freshwater.

Fresh water is needed to sustain healthy stock, healthy communities and healthy freshwater ecosystems. Freshwater catchments must be actively managed to maintain the high levels of water quality needed.

Landowners, developers, contractors and even gardeners need to consider entire catchments, rather than the immediate stretch of stream or river, to avoid degrading freshwater systems. It is important to understand thow

For instance, understanding that fish migrate the full length of waterways is fundamental to improving freshwater habitats, as is how discharges onto land in catchments effects the water that accumulates at the bottom of the gully.

Use this reference guide for advice before undertaking activities that may be detrimental to freshwater systems. It is written for the Wellington region but is relevant elsewhere:

Managing freshwater catchments: a reference guide for the Wellington region (PDF, 862K)

The guide covers:

  • Water abstraction
  • Discharges and additives
  • Stormwater
  • Sedimentation
  • Structures
  • Channel modification
  • Pest fish and plants
  • Monitoring waterway health
  • Riparian and surface protection
  • Lakes and ponds 

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