Related links to publications and other relevant information.

More information on the DOC website

Protecting natural areas design guide
Details design practices that help protect natural areas in a sustainable way.

Protecting and restoring our natural heritage - A practical guide
Planning and management of projects that protect, manage and restore native ecosystems.

Guidelines to the development and monitoring of ecological restoration programmes (PDF, 396K)
Guidelines for maximising the effectiveness of programmes undertaken by DOC.

Restoring the balance - Northland biodiversity self-help kit
Tools and action for landowners to help them protect their land.

DOC online and field based courses
Courses that encourage community participation in conservation

DOC’s Inventory and Monitoring Toolbox
Describes a selection of standardised methods for sampling populations of species. It's the authoritative source of sampling methods that DOC uses.

Ecological restoration in Nelson/Marlborough
Find out what native species to plant where, and all about 'eco-sourcing'

Tane's Tree Trust
Aimed at farmers from Northland down to the Waikato

Auckland Regional Council 
Guide to planting and pests in the Auckland region

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