Bushy Point restoration

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Partners in Conservation is the easy way to find out how your business can engage with nature.


Our natural heritage has shaped who we are as New Zealanders. A love of nature is woven into our Kiwi way of life and our national identity. With more than one third of our country in public conservation land, it is the engine room of the tourism industry and underpins our economic well-being.

Many individuals, community organisations and businesses already enjoy a connection with nature. Partners in Conservation aims to provide you with information about our natural environment and how to become involved in any way that interests you.

Businesses involved in conservation tell about the many benefits you will enjoy.

  • It's good for your brand and customer image, both locally and further afield.
  • It's great for your staff relations.
  • Your staff find it fun and rewarding (for some, it’s a life-changing experience) and is a great chance to get fit!
  • Your staff enjoy the team-building, where they gain more confidence and discover more about the place they live in.

These are all fantastic reasons for you connecting your business to nature. Opportunities to be involved include:

  • saving threatened species
  • protecting and restoring habitats
  • maintaining recreation facilities
  • restoring historic places

We would love to have you as part of the team. Explore these options and see what interests you.

Partners in Conservation is tailored for the Auckland region, but the ideas can be applied anywhere in the country.


What DOC does

Our vision is for New Zealand to be the greatest living space on Earth and for all Kiwis and our visitors to be part of it.

We know people’s journey to conservation starts with a step in to nature. So we want to work with as many organisations as we can to help more kiwis engage in nature.

The purpose of Partners in Conservation is to enable businesses like yours to be part of the story of our nature.

More about our work.

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