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We are reviewing our discounts policy for recreational facilities and services, and invite interested partners, stakeholders and groups to participate and provide input. Submissions close 8 September 2023.

In 2021, DOC produced an interim policy with a structured process for awarding discounts. The objectives of the policy were to:

  • encourage use of DOC facilities and engagement with nature and heritage, and
  • reward contributions to recreation and conservation.

The policy was aimed particularly at partner groups and stakeholders who assist and support DOC in our work.

Various pressures at the time meant the policy was developed without partner and stakeholder input. However we agreed to complete a full review with appropriate engagement within two years. This review is beginning in April 2023.

The purpose of the review is to:

  • undertake a ‘first principles” review of the interim discount policy and replace this with a new policy.
  • reset the why, how, and what discounts (if any) can be obtained, and the process for obtaining them.
  • reset any discounts currently awarded to the various user groups.

This web page will be the key source of information throughout the review.

Review process

The review is being managed by DOC’s Strategy, Investment and Pricing Team. They aim to have a new policy in place and operational by July 2024.

There are five process steps involved:

  1. March 2023: Identify stakeholders and plan engagement
  2. April 2023: Produce ‘Context, Issues and Options’ paper
  3. August 2023: Confirm purpose for discounts and select preferred option
  4. September 2023: Refine detail for preferred option (including application process)
  5. October 2023: Draft policy and obtain approval

Once the policy has then been approved and published online, it will be ready for full implementation in the new 2024 financial year.

Seeking your input

This is a chance for you to help us produce a balanced, useful policy for future discount incentives and benefits.

Interest groups, stakeholders and partners have the opportunity to provide input and make suggestions that will be taken into account in developing the policy.

Step 2: Submissions for feedback on the 'Context, Issues and Options' paper were completed in June. The discussion paper for that and the summary of submissions received are here:

Step 3: Formal submissions are now open for the next phase of feedback on the Policy Purpose and Preferred Options.

How to make a submission

Submissions for feedback on the ‘Purpose and Options, for Discussion’ are here:

Email the SIP Review Team at

Submissions will close Friday 8 September 2023. 

What happens next

There are five phases of engagement:

  1. April 2023: Advise stakeholders and obtain participation
  2. May 2023: Seek feedback on ‘Context, Issues and Options’ paper
  3. August 2023: Seek feedback on purpose and preferred option
  4. September 2023: Seek feedback on preferred option detail
  5. November 2023: Advise approved policy, load online


If you require any further information, email the SIP Review Team at

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