Have your say on an intention to grant accommodation and easement concessions in Aramoana. Submissions closed 11 April 2022.

Notified Final Report

Aramoana Pilot Houses and Dwelling - Concession - Notified Final Report (PDF, 2,550K)

Hearing Report

Aramoana Pilot Houses and Dwelling - Hearing Report (PDF, 22,745K) 


We received 24 objections or submissions (PDF, 13,111K). Four objectors or submitters have requested to be heard. The hearing was held Tuesday 31 May 2022.

The Minister of Conservation gives notice of her intention to grant concessions with a final expiry date of
31 August 2036 (including renewals where applicable), under section 17Q of the Conservation Act 1987.

The intention is to formalise the existing occupation and access to private accommodation and related facilities
(3 historic pilot houses/cottages and a dwelling) situated within Aramoana Conservation Area and Aramoana Ecological Area.

Summary of each site

Site 1

Applicant: Elizabeth Anne Dawe
Concession number and type of concession:

  • 38964-ACC (Lease and licence)
  • 50789-OTH (Easement)

Site 2

Applicant: Vincent Paul George; Diane Margaret George; Liane Josephine Farry; Richard Vivian Marsh Allen; GSM Trustees Limited
Concession number and type of concession:

  • 38965-ACC (Lease and licence)
  • 50790-OTH (Easement)

Site 3

Applicant: Madeleine Jill Child and Phillip Matthew Jarvis
Concession number and type of concession:

  • 38967-ACC (Lease and licence)
  • 50791-OTH (Easement)

Site 4

Applicant: Joseph Vessels
Concession number and type of concession:

  • 38966-ACC (Lease and licence)
  • 50792-OTH (Easement)

Intention to grant concession details

Applicants: See above

Location of activity: Aramoana Conservation Area and Aramoana Ecological Area

Map reference: Approximate GPS NZTM 2000 of each site:

  • Site 1: E1422508.3073 N4927435.2429
  • Site 2: E1422478.1505 N4927490.4806
  • Site 3: E1422450.6809 N4927506.9026
  • Site 4: E1422382.0070 N4927523.6232

Concession applied for: Lease, Licence and Easement

Intention to grant reports and concession documents

The intention to grant reports has been signed by the Minister's delegate and can be viewed at the link below. The draft concession documents are also provided below for each site (for reference purposes only), as sections in the reports refer to the standard terms and conditions contained in Schedule 2.

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

DOC comment regarding this public notification

As these applications were received before the enactment on 18 October 2017 of section 202 of the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017 (2017 No 15), the Minister of Conservation has made a decision in principle, of the intention to grant concessions and, confirmed that this intention to grant must be notified.

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