DOC is reviewing its fee structure for activity fees that are determined by a percentage of revenue earned through a concession. The first of three opportunities to submit feedback closes on 19 March 2021.

We are reviewing our percentage of revenue fee structure to ensure these fees are set at an appropriate market rate and are fair and transparent.

Note this is a policy review on the method used to determine the activity fees for some (but not all) concessions. We are not looking at individual concession fees as part of this review.

We have invited the concessionaires who have an activity fee that is directly or indirectly based on the percentage of revenue framework to participate in the review by email. We also included an invitation to participate in the review in our November 2020 edition of Business on the Green

If you haven’t heard from us and you would like to participate in the review, contact us at

Review timeline

Key indicative milestones for the Percentage of Revenue Framework Review include:

  • Feedback on issues and options – due 19 March
  • Evaluate feedback and select preferred option – late-April
  • Invite feedback on DOC’s preferred option – late-May
  • Finalise structure of preferred option – mid-June
  • Invite feedback on finalised structure – late-July
  • Final decision – mid-August

What happens during the review

There are several phases where we will seek input during the review:

  • Phase one – Issues and options papers were sent in January 2021. This input will help us work through various options.
  • Phase two – Affected concessionaires will be provided with information on our preferred option, why we selected it and how we propose it will work. Feedback at this phase will let us know whether we are on the right track and/or help us refine how it will work.
  • Phase three – We’ll send out our proposed Percentage of Revenue Framework for percentage of revenue activity fees for final feedback.

We aim to complete this review by September 2021. Any new fee setting structure will not be in place before the 2021/22 financial year, and not take effect until the following rental review date or when a concession comes up for reissue.

How to submit your feedback

To submit your feedback and suggestions for Phase one send an email to before 19 March 2021. You can include your feedback within the email or attach it as a word document. Feel free to attach any additional supporting documents.

Our Summary of the Issues and Options paper includes specific questions we would like your feedback on. You may like to use these questions to help formulate your response.

Contact us

If you have any questions around the percentage of revenue fees review send them to

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