Express your interest to be a concessionaire at Morere Springs.


Process under s17ZG(2)(A) of the Conservation Act 1987 to manage the Morere Springs Hot Pools Concession Opportunity within the Morere Springs Scenic Reserve.

DOC has identified that there is a growing interest in the Morere Springs concession opportunity. To manage growing interest, we have decided to run a Tender to select the next Concessionaire.

In order for DOC to effectively manage the process, we have implemented s17ZG(2)(a) of the Conservation Act 1987 until 15 April 2019. This section of the Act enables DOC to:

  • tender the right to make an application, invite applications, or carry out other actions that may encourage specific applications.

Pursuant to s17R(2)(a) of the Conservation Act, a person must not apply to the Minister for a Concession if the Minister has exercised a power under s17ZG(2)(a). No applications for the Morere Springs Hot Springs concession opportunity will be accepted unless specifically invited by the Department.

Furthermore, please note that the tender opportunity will be run to select the most suitable tender application. Only once a successful applicant is selected will they be invited to apply for a concession.


This section will be updated when the process is further developed, and timeframes are known. At this stage nothing is available or open to the public for submissions.

Express your interest

Please email to express your interest in the concession opportunity. This will assist the Department to keep all known interested parties informed throughout the process. Please head your email with ‘Morere Springs – Tender Interest’ and include your name and contact details (email and phone).

Further information

You can contact the Department’s Permissions Team at

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