A call is being made for nominations for the Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust Board. Nominations close 1 pm Monday 30 April 2018

The terms of appointments of Ms Gina Solomon (Director – having regard for the interests of Māori) and Sue Yerex (Director – having regard to environmental and conservation values) of the Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust (QEII) Board expire on 30 June 2018. Both Ms Solomon and Ms Yerex are eligible for reappointment as Directors.

How to nominate

If any interested agency or organisation wishes to nominate other persons to fill the vacant positions, fill out a nomination form:

Send nominations to:

Minister of Conservation
c/- Department of Conservation
PO Box 10420
Wellington 6143
Attn: Tanya Cornwell


Nominations are due no later than 1 pm Monday 30 April 2018.

The Minister of Conservation will give these nominations due consideration before making her final decision. 

The Minister will be seeking to appoint members to the Board who will collectively have knowledge and experience relating to governance, land and environmental management, policy, planning and analysis, advocacy, consensus building, understanding of public processes and cultural awareness. In making appointments to the Board, the Minister gives due regard to environmental and conservation values, the interests of rural landowners and the interests of the Māori community.

Other appointments

The other Ministerial appointments to the Board and their terms of appointments are: James Guild – Chairperson, and Bruce Wills – Director (having regard for the interests of rural land owners), both of whose terms expire on 30 June 2020.

National Trust member-elected Directors and their terms of appointment are: Donna Field and Michael Legge whose terms expire 10 March 2019.


Tanya Cornwell, Funds Advisor
Mobile: +64 27 548 0274

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