A decision has been made on the reconsideration of a condition of the grazing licence concession at Haast Valley.

Decision on reconsideration

Update 16 June 2021

DOC has decided to cancel the original concession to graze cattle in this area after a reconsideration of fencing conditions showed the cattle could not be contained in the licence area.

The applicant asked DOC to reconsider the fencing conditions in the grazing licence issued in February 2020. The request related to fencing conditions on the true right of the licence area.

It has been determined that fencing is not practical and there is no method to ensure stock are contained within the licence. That means the licence must be cancelled.

Media release 16 June 2021

Decision on application

Update 10 February 2020

DOC has approved an application to continue grazing an area of the Haast River, provided strict conditions are met.

The application from John B Cowan is to graze 736 hectares of public conservation land along the Haast River, located between the Roaring Billy and the confluence of the Landsborough River.

Media release about the approval

Supporting documents

The Decision maker’s assessment has been informed by a number of technical reports which are referred to as the 'Decision support document'.

Public submissions and hearing

A public hearing was held in Hokitika on 26 June 2018 to hear submitters who wished to speak to their submission. The Hearing was chaired by Barry Hanson, Director Partnerships. The Hearing report and summary of submissions is available below.

37 submissions were received on the application, which was open for submissions between 3 and 31 May 2018.

Application documents

About the application

This application was notified under section 17SC of the Conservation Act 1987. The Minister of Conservation  received an application for a grazing licence concession of 15 years from John B Cowan.

The application was notified for public comment on 3 May 2018. Submissions closed 31 May 2018.

Applicant: John B Cowan 

Location of proposed activity: 736 hectares within the Cook River to Haast River Conservation Area. Haast River Valley, between the Roaring Billy and the confluence of the Landsborough River. 

Map reference: NZ Topo50 Map BY13 Lake Paringa. Between approximate map references NZTM: 1302534.5128556 – 1314732.5125410.

Summary of proposal: John Cowan has applied to continue to graze 736 Hectares within the Haast River Valley. The area would be stocked by 60 breeding cows for a maximum of a year and 50 calves for a maximum of six months.

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