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Have your say about a proposal to review the land classification status of St James Conservation Area and adjoining public conservation lands.

Purpose of the proposal

A review of the status of public conservation lands in this area is a priority because we know that some classifications do not necessarily reflect all the conservation values.

The different land classification statuses determine the legal protection, management and use of these types of public conservation lands.  

Land being reviewed

St James Conservation Area (79,300 ha) is currently classified as stewardship land and is the focus of the review.

The classification status of the following other public conservation lands will also be reviewed: 

Conservation parks

Stewardship land

  • Woodbank Conservation Area (2,200 ha)
  • The Poplars Conservation Area on the north side of SH7 (2,100 ha)

Total proposed area being investigated: 110,700 ha.

More information



Presentation August 2017

Review process and dates 

The review process will involve investigating and making recommendations about the status of these areas, having regard to all land status options under the Conservation Act, Reserves Act and National Parks Act. 

The December 2017 anticipated dates were removed in March 2018. New dates will be added to the website and advised directly to stakeholders when they are confirmed.  

Phase 1: Establish and investigate - Completed

Initiate the project, collect information and investigate through consultation, values and classification options (June to August 2017).

Phase 2: Develop - Underway

Consider information and develop a draft reclassification proposal.

Phase 3: Notify

Publicly notify the draft reclassification proposal, call for submissions  and a public hearing.

Phase 4: Recommendations and decision-making

Analysis of all information, recommended proposal considered by the Minister of Conservation.

Phase 5: Implementation

Statutory and on-the-ground implementation of any reclassification decision (after decision-making).

Preliminary public consultation

This preliminary public consultation closed on 11 August 2017. Thank you to those who have sent us information and comments about:

  • the natural, cultural, historic heritage values, and recreation, features, values, use, aspirations and issues for areas within the land parcels, and their relationship with surrounding areas
  • whether the areas proposed in the reclassification project are appropriate; ie should the four other proposed areas be reviewed along with the St James Conservation Area? 
  • what classification/s would be appropriate for the public conservation land (or parts of the land) being investigated, having regard to its conservation values.

Next steps

There will be a statutory public submission process where you can formally record your views about a draft reclassification proposal. Updated information will be provided on this web page. 

Viewing files on this page

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