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The Wellington Conservation Management Strategy has been approved by the New Zealand Conservation Authority.

DOC is pleased to advise that the Wellington Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) has been approved by the New Zealand Conservation Authority (NZCA) at their October meeting.

Due to time it will take to edit, design and print the document, the CMS will not be operative until 20 January 2019. The Wellington CMS 1996 still applies until this date and will be one of the tools used for decision-making.

Submitters, tangata whenua, stakeholders and the public will be contacted again in January 2019 before the operative date.

What were the major changes made to the CMS?

There were three stages when changes were made to the CMS.

  1. During the submission period. DOC received 239 submissions on the draft Wellington CMS. These submissions received great suggestions and feedback. DOC made substantial changes to the CMS genuinely incorporate this feedback.
  2. During the Wellington Conservation Board consideration stage. The board received the CMS in August 2017 and forwarded it to the NZCA in March 2018. During this time, the board and DOC held 8 workshops to review the revised CMS and submissions. Some of the major changes made were:
    • Better emphasis and recognition of treaty partnerships in the Wellington region and the relationships with the community
    • Including more context about the Wellington region and its priorities
    • Better explanation of how the CMS links to other statutory documents, including DOC's organisational strategy, and how it will direct operational work at place
    • Rework of the milestones in the document to develop meaningful milestones to assist in the implementation and monitoring of the CMS
  3. During the NZCA approval stage. The NZCA provided constructive feedback to the board and DOC on how to improve the CMS. One of those changes was to include a policy and milestone around monitoring aircraft and its effects in the Central Spine Place to establish evidenced-based thresholds that will indicate when recreational and conservation values are being adversely affected.

What happens next

The CMS will be edited, designed and printed in preparation of its operative date, 20 January 2019.

DOC will send out further correspondence to submitters, tangata whenua, stakeholders and the public before this date.

Recommended Draft Wellington CMS sent to NZCA August 2018

This is the Recommended Draft Wellington CMS that the Wellington Conservation Board referred to the NZCA in August 2018. This is not the final approved CMS, but does include changes incorporated from submissions and during the Board consideration period. 

This will be replaced with the operative version 20 January 2019.


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