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The latest on the Draft Wellington Conservation Management Strategy.

DOC completed its analysis of submissions for the Draft Wellington CMS in August 2017 and these and the Draft Wellington CMS were forwarded to the Wellington Conservation Board for their consideration. After some requested changes, the Wellington Conservation Board has completed its consideration of the CMS and has forwarded it to the New Zealand Conservation Authority (NZCA) for approval.

The Wellington Conservation Board has undertaken a thorough and comprehensive review of the Draft Wellington CMS and is very satisfied with the collaborative process that has been followed.

View the Recommended Draft Wellington CMS

This is the Recommended Draft Wellington CMS that the Wellington Conservation Board referred to the NZCA.

Volume One: Recommended Draft for Approval (PDF, 3,192K)

Volume Two: Recommended Appendices for Approval (PDF, 755K)

Volume Three (the maps) has not yet been revised. This will happen after the NZCA’s approval.

DOC’s responses to submissions

The responses to submissions are listed by submitter.

View the Responses to Submissions on Draft Wellington Conservation Management Strategy (PDF, 3,679K)

Note: references to objectives and policies in the submissions responses are to those numbered in the notified Draft Wellington CMS in December 2016, not the version above.

Submitters who commented on private accommodation, fixed anchors and hunting and Wild Animal Control Activities (WARO) need to look at Common Issues Papers to see how DOC responded to their submissions.

Please note, since DOC prepared its responses to submissions on the Draft Wellington CMS in August 2017, the Wellington Conservation Board requested some changes to be made.

Between September 2017 and February 2018, the Wellington Conservation Board and DOC held eight workshops to review the revised Draft Wellington CMS and public submissions. All submissions were seriously considered, and the full Wellington Conservation Board participated in these workshops as best they could. The Wellington Conservation Board worked closed with the local Operation Managers and Director, to ensure the CMS was more operational and achievable, particularly in outcomes and milestones, but still retained challenge and drive.

What happens next 

The NZCA will consider the Recommended Draft Wellington CMS. As the NZCA may require further changes to the CMS before approval, the CMS is not yet finalised. However, no further submissions will be received. The NZCA have specific consultation requirements as required from certain Treaty Settlement legislation in the region.

  • Once the NZCA have considered the Recommended Draft Wellington CMS, they will consult the Minister of Conservation.
  • The Minister of Conservation considers the CMS and provides comments to the NZCA for it to consider prior to the NZCA approving the CMS.
  • After having regard to the Minister of Conservation’s comments, the NZCA will approve the Wellington CMS.
  • The approved Wellington CMS will be published and implemented.


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