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Use these resources to deliver your project and claim grant payments.

Guide for grantees

A guide is currently in development that will explain the next steps following funding approval.

Getting started

If your application is successful, you will need to enter into a Deed of Grant with the Department.

There are three key steps to getting your project underway.

1. Health and safety

Every project funded requires a health and safety plan to support safe practices. Local DOC staff can assist you with this and ensure you have a plan that's fit for the project.

2. Work authorisation if operating on public conservation land

You'll need to enter into a community agreement with local DOC staff before you can begin work on public conservation land.

3. Confirming your project details

The Funds team will work with you to ensure you have an appropriate project budget and objectives. They'll help finalise your Deed of Grant with you. Once your deed is signed you can commence your project.

Be aware that costs incurred prior to a deed being signed will not be reimbursed.

Reporting on your progress

Reporting documents are currently in development. These will be available before you sign a Deed of Grant. It is expected that you will report on the project progress and provide evidence of expenditure.

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