View a list of projects that were successful in the DOC Community Fund 2019 funding round.

The total amount funded for all regions is $8,132,783 (excluding GST).

Region Applicant Project title Amount funded (excluding GST) Outline
Northern North Island New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust Pest Management of the New Zealand Fairy Tern Nesting Sites and Surrounds $20,000 Predator control work at Waipu to protect the New Zealand Fairy Tern from predators. 
Northern North Island Integrated Kaipara Harbour Management Group Conservation Works Gaps Analysis Project for Kaipara Harbour Catchment $50,000 Prepare a report on the current restoration initiatives in the Kaipara Catchment to ensure a strategic and coordinated approach to ecological restoration in the area.
Northern North Island Te Iwi o Te Roroa Possum Control within Te Toa Whenua $60,725 Possum control over 1,400 ha to restore the biodiversity in the lower Waipoua River catchment.
Northern North Island Pukenui/Western Hills Forest Charitable Trust Strengthening our Defence: improving our buffer trapping network around Pukenui Forest, Whangarei $18,575 Improve the existing predator control network around the Pukenui/Western Hills Forest to target feral cats, mustelids and rodents. 
Northern North Island Kaitiaki Kiwi Kaitiaki Kiwi Waipoua - Expansion of Management Area $174,411 Expanding the predator control network to increase the area of kiwi protection under management in the Waipoua Forest. 
Northern North Island Puketi Forest Trust Oho Mai Puketi $144,000 Predator control of introduced predators to protect the existing kokako population and plan for follow up translocations. 
Northern North Island Guardians of the Bay of Islands Incorporated Ipipiri Islands Biodiversity Restoration and Implementation Programme - pest free Project Island Song $16,080 Develop a strategic ecological restoration programme for the Ipipiri Islands to guide restoration of the island’s biological communities. 
Northern North Island Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum Inc Whangarei Heads Weed Action Community Alliance $56,642 Mobilise and resource the community to stop the spread of invasive weeds and protect the taonga of Mt Manaia, Bream Head, Reotahi and Kauri Mountain.
Northern North Island Te Orewai Whenua Trust  Te Orewai Matauranga-A-Hapu Monitoring Proposal   $20,000 Host a series of wananaga to develop a value-based assessment framework for the health and wellbeing of freshwater taonga, and monitor the state of the waterways.
Northern North Island Te Runanga o Taumarere ki Rakaumangamanga Russell State Forest Project $114,000 9 hapu and 6 marae surrounding the Russell State Forest will develop a 20-year forest health plan to establish the health of the forest and sustain it into the future. 
Northern North Island Mid North Alliance-Bay of Islands Te Waka Kaitiaki Whenua    $19,980 Set up predator control at Mid-North schools and marae to educate and advocate for the protection of native species.
Northern North Island Bay Bush Action Trust Ngahere Ora - Stage 2: Protecting Opua Forest $86,000 Increase biodiversity protection in the Opua State Forest with multi species predator control. Expand over an additional 252 ha of public conservation land and 16 ha adjoining private land and undertake a scientific trial of the effectiveness of the AT220 multispecies resettable trap.
Northern North Island Ngunguru Sandspit Protection Society Incorporated Ngunguru Sandspit Ecology Restoration Project $18,658 Targeting of animal and plant pests to restore the Ngungunru Sandspit’s rare remnant dune ecosystem. 
Auckland Windy Hill Rosalie Bay Catchment Trust Building Biodiversity - Windy Hill Sanctuary $146,162 Continuation of a predator control programme and development of a bird monitoring report to sustain conservation gains. 
Auckland Little Barrier Island (Hauturu) Supporters' Trust Abseil Removal of Climbing Asparagus from Cliffs $18,000 Remove climbing asparagus from Hauturu's cliffs.
Auckland CUE Haven Community Trust CUE Haven Community Native Forest Reserve $18,650 Develop a biodiversity action plan to inform future development of the site and control pest plants.
Auckland Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society Inc.  South-East Wildlink $16,958 Support agencies and rural landowners to protect and restore forest fragments on their properties. 
Auckland Leigh Harbour Valley Society Leigh Harbour Valley Pest Control $15,014 Expand predator control and monitoring activity in the Leigh Harbour Valley. 
Auckland Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society Inc. Ark in the Park - Kokako Recovery $19,500 Working towards healthy population growth of kokako through banding and an expansion of the predator control programme. 
Auckland Pohutukawa Trust New Zealand Restore the Native Flora and Fauna of Kawau Island $10,000 Continuation of the existing predator control programme on Kawau Island. 
Auckland Motuihe Trust Weeds, weeds and weeding $72,000 Restore Motuihe Island back to the original flora through the war on weeds programme. 
Auckland Professor Richard Bellamy and Dr Karen Colgan Petrel Project - O'Neill and Waitakere Bays $20,000 Maintain and expand the predator control programme to protect the major nesting sites of petrels.
Auckland Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society Inc., Warkworth Area branch Warkworth Area Forest & Bird Little Blue Penguin/Korora Project $15,788 In collaboration with Ngati Manuhiri, create a safe habitat for native birds, especially little penguins and grey-faced petrels, to thrive along the coast from Ti Point to Goat Island.
Auckland Te Matuku Bay Landcare Group Te Matuku Bay Scenic Reserve Pest Plant Eradication Project $50,000 Halt the collapse of primary plant communities in Te Matuku Bay Scenic Reserve by removing pest plants, focusing specifically on moth plant. 
Auckland Motu Kaikoura Trust Motu Kaikoura Eco Management project  $40,000 Control ship rats and kiore on Motu Kaikoura. 
Auckland The Forest Bridge Trust The Forest Bridge - Hubs Project  $100,000 Work with local communities and landowners to connect hubs and halos, to help achieve landscape scale protection from the Kaipara Harbour to the Pacific Coast. 
Auckland Kotuku Peninsula Charitable Trust Kotuku Peninsula Sanctuary - Pest Control and Management $100,000 Protect and provide a safe habitat for threatened and endemic species through actively controlling pest animal and plant species within the predator-fenced kotuku peninsula. 
Auckland North Harbour Custodians North Harbour Custodians - Rat Control $30,587 Rat control on Kawau Island to preserve the native flora, especially the kiwi and small birds which were prolific and have reduced in numbers.
Auckland Mataitai Farm Trust Ngahere Pest Control $5,000 Establish a pest control trap line that will be run by hapu. 
Auckland Tapora Land & Coast Care Group Kia Puawai ai Nga Taonga o Manukapua - Fostering the Birds of Manukapua $100,000 Establish a predator control line in Manukapua to eradicate pest animals and restore native fauna to the ecosystems. 
Auckland Motutapu Restoration Trust Motutapu Restoration Project $20,000 Fund Coromandel brown kiwi egg incubation costs at Auckland Zoo to enable kiwi chicks to be released on Motutapu.
Auckland Hobsonville Point Secondary School Pest control group Hobsonville Point Community Pest Control Action $2,000 Predator control programme to raise awareness of pest species and increase community participation towards the long-term goal of providing a habitat for native species. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Whenuakite Kiwi Care Group Operations Managers $50,280 Maintaining the existing 3,500 ha predator control network.
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Parawai School Rongoa Nga Toi Community Garden $2,000 Establish a Rongoa and Nga Toi garden at Parawai school to discover/re-establish the significance of the local wetlands, healing resource trees for the tangata whenua and whole community.
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists Trusts (PMNT) Restoring the Mauri of the Robert Findlay Reserve $37,356 Restoration planting to bring a functioning, biodiverse, indigenous community to the Robert Findlay Wildlife Reserve. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki East Taranaki Environment Trust Experiencing Purangi: Incorporating Purangi Kiwi and Purangi Kokako $55,000 Maintain the existing trap network in the Purangi, Matau and Okoki area. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Te Runanga o Ngati Mutunga Taramoukou Ki Uta - Taramoukou Restoration Project $18,000 Cutting of tracks to support the predator control programme in the Taramoukou Conservation Area to restore the mauri of the Ngati Mutunga forest and wetland area. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari Xcluder® Fence Maintenance and Management $183,746 Maintain and manage the Xcluder® fence encompassing Maungatautari to ensure that the sanctuary remains pest free. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Tiaki Te Mauri o Parininihi Trust Parininihi Sustainability Project $94,000 Manage, maintain and improve the pest control infrastructure at Parininihi to support the reestablishment of the kokako population in Taranaki.
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Predator Free Whiriwhiri Predator Free Whiriwhiri $9,035 Predator control programme to protect the significant natural area valleys of Whiriwhiri, Karioitahi, Maioro and Otaua. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Taranaki Kiwi Trust Community Kiwi Protection $32,640 Maintain and set up kiwi focussed trapping networks in suitable habitat. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Wild for Taranaki Building and connecting Regional Biodiversity Hubs: Wild for Taranaki $43,000 Run coordinated fundraising campaigns cross-regionally and host a regional biodiversity forum. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society Re-establishing Kokako on Mt Pirongia $46,230 Re-establish a self-sustaining population of North Island kokako on Mt Pirongia, including those with Pirongia genes. Monitoring and predator control will be undertaken.  
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society Okahukura Kokako Protection $35,563 Controlling pests at Okahukura is a critical cog of connectivity for kokako subpopulations in Pureora Forest. 
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Mahakirau Forest Estate Society Incorporated Mahakirau Forest Endangered Species Protection Project $58,099 Intensified and enhanced predator control towards the 2021 goal of sustained, near zero predators, in a mainland forest sanctuary.
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Opoutere Ratepayers & Residents Assoc Inc (ORRA) Opoutere Ecology - Opoutere Bird Saver $14,080 Predator and plant pest control to protect Opoutere’s unique natural environment, ensuring the survival of endangered fauna such as New Zealand dotterel, banded rail and kaka.
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Western Firth Catchment Group Trust Forest to Firth Catchment Management $50,000 Planting at Wharau and Waitakaruru catchments.
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Moehau Environment Group MEG's Journey of the Birds $63,183 Predator and possum control as part of Moehau Environment Group’s ongoing large-scale biodiversity protection work across the northern Coromandel.
Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki Taharoa A 7A 2A Trading as Tahaaroa Lakes Trust Fencing of the western boundaries of Lakes Rotoroa, Numiti and Tahaaroa $28,000 Fence marginal areas along the western boundaries of Lake Rotoroa, Numiti and Tahaaroa. 
Central North Island Uretara Estuary Managers Katikati Hills to Ocean $19,250 Remove or mitigate identified migration barriers for galaxiid fish species in the four streams in and around Katikati township.
Central North Island Uretara Estuary Managers Maire Tawake Recovery Project $9,600 Protect and enhance a remnant population of swamp maire in the Uretara Estuary through the collection of seeds, raising of seedlings and planting.
Central North Island Progress Castlecliff Coast Care Group Castlecliff Coastal Restoration Project $15,000 Improve habitat and biodiversity in the Castlecliff Coastal Reserve through replacement of invasive weed species with eco-sourced native plants endemic to the region.
Central North Island Ngamanawa Incorporation Nga Wai Whakaihi na o Tupuna  (The waters revered by our ancestors) $54,500 Eradicate wilding pines in Ngamanawa native forest area and work towards taking over pest control operations in the Opuiaki Conservation Area.
Central North Island Ohiwa Headland Sanctuary Trust Ohiwa Headland Sanctuary $29,113 Eradicate animal predators across the Ohiwa Headland in order to restore the natural character of the area and create a sanctuary where native species flourish.
Central North Island Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust Pohokura Trapping Network Extension $21,300 Extend mustelid trapping in Pohokura to better protect released North Island brown kiwi as well as whio and kaka.
Central North Island Upokorehe Iwi Upokorehe Kiwi Project $42,986 Predator control and kiwi management to protect and monitor health of a kiwi population in the Waiotahi Scenic Reserve. 
Central North Island Te Kura Mana Maori o Whangaparaoa Ko Tihirau te Maunga $15,420 Implement a pest eradication strategy, initially focusing on mustelids, rats and possums, in order to help restore the environment of Tihirau to its natural state.
Central North Island Michael Richardson on behalf of Bike Taupo Great Lake Trail (GLT) trapping line and predator control - Stage 1 $19,239 Develop a new trap network along Lake Taupo to help maintain predator control measures previously undertaken, encourage existing track users to get involved in predator control projects and get existing trappers to make use of the tracks.
Central North Island Predator Free Okere Falls Predator Free Okere Falls $13,972 Possum, rat and stoat control in the Okere Falls Scenic Reserve and Lake Rotoiti Recreation Reserve, working towards a predator free Okere Falls.
Central North Island Kaharoa Kokako Trust Kaharoa Conservation Area Pest Control  2019 - 2021  $33,500 Vertebrate Pest Control for years 2019 - 2021 in the Kaharoa Conservation Area.
Central North Island Te Runanga o Ngati Kea Ngati Tuara Charitable Trust Conservation of Horohoro Maunga - Bait Station Trial $18,897 Increase the capacity of Ngati Kearoa Ngati Tuara to undertake pest control on Horohoro maunga by undertaking a bait station trial project and gathering more robust predator monitoring data.
Central North Island Ruawahia 2B Trust (Ngati Rangitihi) Continued control of wilding conifers/ecological weeds on Ruawahia 2B land and the Tarawera scenic reserve (Mount Tarawera) $170,000 Continuation of the removal of wilding conifers and other ecological weed species from Mount Tarawera to enable the restoration of the vitality of life, the mauri, the wairua, mana and oranga of the Maunga.
Central North Island Uenuku Charitable Trust (UCT) Pokaka Whio Protection and Restoration Pilot Programme $140,000 Support whio recovery in the Makatote and Manganui-o-te-Ao rivers through establishing a network of traps and drafting a management plan. This work will form part of the Pokaka Eco Sanctuary planned by Te Korowai o Wainuiarua with the support of Ruapehu District Council and partners.
Central North Island Tripe Trustees Bettie Tripe Reserve Native Tree Planting $13,125 Plant 1,500 natives to extend the existing native stand within the Bettie Tripe Reserve . This will further protect the Mangatipona Stream that runs through the Reserve.
Central North Island Whakatane Kiwi Trust An Integrated Community Predator and Pest Control Project for the Whakatane Kiwi Reserves $18,300 Expand predator control and monitoring to reduce the risk to kiwi from stoats, feral cats, ferrets and dogs in the Whakatane area. 
Central North Island Temanea and Takutaimoana Kauika-Stevens Whanau Trust Pourua Pest Eradication Project $127,936 Eradicate known pests and plant native seedlings to create a healthy native habitat for bird life in Pourua.
Central North Island Kids Greening Taupo Kids Greening Taupo $30,000 Connect kindergartens and schools of Taupo to work together towards a shared environmental goal. Students lead restoration projects which offer many learning experiences outside of the classroom, including participation on a Student Leadership Team.
Central North Island Ngati Whakahemo Establishing an Aviary for Bird care in Pukehina Rohe $8,300 Training of a bird carer and establishment of the only aviary on the coastal area of Maketu, Pukehina, Matata and inland to Te Puke.
Lower North Island Whangawehi Catchment Management Group Inc.  Mangatupae Restoration Project $20,000 Help retire the upper reaches of the Mangatupae stream through retirement of one bush block .
Lower North Island Waikanae Estuary Care Group Restoration of the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve Continuation Project $19,708 Restoration of the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve through planting of native plants, expanding and updating the nursery, investing in weed clearing power devices and small sprayers, and training volunteers in their safe use.
Lower North Island Whareroa Guardians Community Trust Inc.  Whareroa Farm Reserve Ecosystem Restoration - Blackberry Eradication Project $15,000 Long-term control of extensive blackberry that is impacting on riparian restoration and threatening native forest with high biodiversity value on Whareroa Farm Reserve.
Lower North Island Upper Hutt Branch, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society  Old Man's Beard Control, Western Escarpment, Upper Hutt $18,224 Continuing the control of Old Man's Beard on Upper Hutt's western green belt, including Trentham Scenic Reserve (original podocarp/hardwood/beech forest) and other areas of strong native reversion.
Lower North Island Friends of Baring Head Charitable Trust  Restoration of Threatened Ecosystems at Baring Head $34,325 Restoration of the unique and nationally important freshwater and coastal ecosystems at Baring Head to improve the habitats of rare and threatened species of flora and fauna, including invertebrates, riverine turfs, and native fishes.
Lower North Island Milson Scout Troop Northern Manawatu Gorge Predator Control $10,600 Introduce youth to the indigenous forests of the Northern Manawatu Gorge by providing the opportunity to lead a predator control project. 
Lower North Island Whinray Ecological Charitable Trust Whinray Scenic Reserve Species Protection $97,893 Protect over 18 endemic species within 430 ha of pristine podocarp DOC Scenic Reserve and throughout 600 ha of private land. Pest control to protect species such as brown kiwi, weka, Hochstetter's frog, falcon, striped skink, whio, long-tailed bat, green gecko, rifleman, whitehead and robin.
Lower North Island Holdsworth Restoration Trust Atiwhakatu Trapping Project $50,000 Trapping to control rats within an area of approximately 1,000 ha of the Tararua Forest Park around Donnelly Flat, Mt. Holdsworth, with the long-term goal of returning North Island Robin to this protected area.
Lower North Island Kapiti Coast Biodiversity Project Kapiti Mainland Island Lizard Protection Fence Feasibility Study $13,900 Feasibility study for building a predator proof fence in order to protect and grow lizard populations on the Kapiti coast.
Lower North Island Catherine Mary Thomas Taupeka Revegetation Project $15,000 Purchase and plant Chatham Island native trees at a private revegetation site on the northern coast of Chatham Island.
Lower North Island Hawke's Bay Biodiversity Foundation  Nga Pekapeka o Tamatea: Protecting and Enhancing Long-Tailed Bat Population in Central Hawke's Bay $53,690 Find roosting sites of long-tailed bats at two locations in the central Hawke’s Bay: Makaretu/ Ashely Clinton and Tikokino / Gwavas, which can then be targeted for protection.
Lower North Island Remutaka Conservation Trust 2019/20 Mast Event Outcome Monitoring, and Evaluation of the Impact on the Remutaka Forest Kiwi $10,700 Monitor the impact of the mast event on the Remutaka forest kiwi population and use this data (and previous mast data - 2014) to inform decisions on future management of the population.
Lower North Island Hans Rook Ahuriri Estuary Bittern Habitat Restoration Project $4,800 Ongoing predator control to protect the threatened species in the Ahuriri Estuary particularly the critically endangered matuku/Australasian bittern.
Lower North Island Te Matarae Family Trust Lake Huro and Te Whanga Lagoon Corridor $50,695 Protect Chatham Island forest remnants on the Lake Huro north-east shore and Te Whanga Lagoons western shore. Fencing off this area will ensure that all water frontage on Te Matarae farm will be protected from livestock for native regeneration and planting.
Lower North Island Sustainable Wairarapa Incorporated Castlepoint Lizard Survey Project $4,700 Seeking to further understand the present conservation status of the Wairarapa’s herpetofauna by surveying what appears to be a favourable coastal habitat at Castlepoint.
Lower North Island Pahnui Station Pukenui Wetlands Restoration Project $66,101 Fence off the existing wetlands in the Pukenui wetland ecosystem and reinstate the connectivity between them.
Lower North Island Te Poho o Rawiri Marae Trust Whaia Titirangi $52,281 Grow the Whaia Titirangi programme to include one new cadet as well as providing training and equipment for new cadets. Extend pest management and kaitiakitanga to more areas of the Titirangi maunga which currently do not receive any treatment due to a lack of resources.
Lower North Island Hohepa Services Limited Te Whanganui-A-Orutu (Ahuriri Estuary) Environmental Enhancement Plan $12,000 Develop and deliver a robust and sustainable pest management strategy in order to produce a predator-free habitat for the Ahuriri Estuary wetland. Initiate a sustainable predator protection template for the entire Te Whanganui-A-Orutu system.
Lower North Island Hawke's Bay Biodiversity Trust Protection and Restoration of Two Acutely Threatened Kahikatea Wetlands - Central Hawkes Bay. $37,200 Secure, protect and restore two acutely threatened Kahikatea wetlands in Central Hawkes Bay (Orea Swamp and Omakere). With less than 2% of wetlands left in Hawke's Bay, this project is a timely call to arms for wetland restoration.
Lower North Island Ruahine Whio Protection Trust Ruahine Whio Protection $63,646 Continue the volunteer led predator control to protect whio and kiwi in the Ruahine Range. Over 2,000 volunteers manage predator traps within the Ruahine Forest Park, on iwi land, and private farmland. 
Lower North Island Hokotehi Moriori Trust Towards a Predator Free Chatham Islands $9,000 Conduct a series of trials to reduce predators in the north-east region of the main Chatham Island as a precursor to achieving a predator free environment.
Lower North Island Rongomaiwahine Iwi Trust Mahia Peninsula Coastline Biodiversity Project  $33,032 Targeted predator control at the southernmost coast of Mahia peninsula, to protect endemic coastal species, including the critically endangered shore plover, crossing from nearby Waikawa (Portland Island) to the mainland.
Lower North Island Te Kauru (Eastern) Manawatu River Hapu Collective - Coming under Rangitane o Tamaki nui a Rua Inc.  Hou Totara-Whakapiki me te Matauranga $13,960 Support weed eradication and matauranga to further restore the ecosystem and share the history of these sites which are significant to the whanau and hapu. Hou Totara has been progressively restoring and increasing the biodiversity along the Manawatu River and the Hori Herehere reserve.
Lower North Island Ngati Pahauwera Development Trust Ngati Pahauwera Reserves Assessment $17,000 Assess sites for key ecological and biodiversity values, management opportunities and priorities based on the existing biodiversity strategy for Ngati Pahauwere reserves. 
Lower North Island Capital Kiwi Capital Kiwi $29,600 Deploy and service the monitoring system required to enable the establishment of a sustainable brown kiwi population in the hill country west of Wellington and south of Porirua. 
Lower North Island Society for the Resilience and Engagement of the Community of Ashhurst & Pohangina, Inc. (RECAP) TRAP - "Trapping Regional Ashhurst Pohangina" as a RECAP initiative of "Manawatu River Source to Sea". $23,613 Utilise the local community in a whole-of-catchment pest control initiative to enhance biodiversity in the Pohangina River catchment.
Lower North Island Cape Sanctuary Maire Raunui Protection Project $7,840 Protect and enhance one of the largest remnants of coastal forest in Hawke’s Bay by monitoring for species abundance and pest incursion.
Lower North Island Sally Pearce Te One Bush Restoration Project $4,325 Continued restoration of the Te One bush remnant through control of sycamore
seedlings/saplings and other weeds, growing and planting eco-sourced natives to assist revegetation and predator and wasp control.
Lower North Island Wairoa Community Ngahere Nursery Inc Wairoa Community Ngahere Nursery Expansion $5,520 Expand the nursery to contribute towards the goal of producing 20,000 plants per year.
Lower North Island Te Puna Limited Te Huringa o Maungarongo $11,849 Clear identified exotic trees and convert into mulch for use in riparian planting of indigenous tree species within Maungarongo. Te Maungarongo o Te Kooti Rkirangi Recreation Reserve is an extremely rare ecological habitat for indigenous flora and fauna on the East Coast Tairawhiti region. 
Lower North Island Robert and Jan Holmes Holmes Family Nature Corridor $37,000 Provide a substantial bush area in the centre of the Chatham Island for bird life to have safe, direct access to move north and populate other areas. This will be achieved through fencing off access from livestock.
Northern South Island Friends of Rotoiti Friends of Rotoiti Trap Network Upgrade $26,444 Continue to service and upgrade a trap network in the Nelson Lakes area in support of the Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project, and trap predators in the St Arnaud township. 
Northern South Island Friends of Cobb Predator Control and Wildlife Monitoring Cobb Valley Area - Kahurangi National Park $19,900 Manage an existing network of 450 stoat traps set out to reduce the impact of mustelids over an area of approximately 8,000ha centred on the Cobb valley. Monitor rock wren, kea, kaka, whio and kakariki in the area. 
Northern South Island Takaka Hill Biodiversity Group Takaka Hill Pest Plant Management Programme 2019-2050  $20,000 Restore Takaka Hill ecosystems by controlling invasive weeds and creating native habitat corridors between Abel Tasman and Kahurangi National Parks. 
Northern South Island Kaipupu Point Mainland Island Society Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary $112,872 Replace existing traps and maintain six monitoring lines across the Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary, a 40ha mainland island sanctuary. 
Northern South Island Farewell-Wharariki Health Post Nature Trust Habitat Restoration and Predator Control in High Priority Areas of Farewell Spit - Wharariki $59,200 Replant native species in two main zones (Wharariki Stream and Wetland) along with the expansion of existing predator control lines to cover these areas. 
Northern South Island Puhi Peaks Station, Nicky McArthur Family Trust Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve, Shearwater Stream Colony, Hutton's Shearwater /Titi Population Estimate $28,596 Hutton's shearwater/Titi population survey. A colony visit post Kaikoura earthquake (2016) indicated substantial colony habitat loss and very poor breeding productivity. The survey will assess these observations with the results helping to inform future management decisions. 
Northern South Island Mana Cruising Club/Friends of Pickersgill Island Matapara/Pickersgill Island Restoration Project $20,000 Restore the Pickersgill Island (Marlborough Sounds) ecosystem by removing invasive ship rats using A24 automatic traps. The Mana Cruising Club/Friends of Pickersgill Island group will then service the traps twice per year.
Northern South Island Kim and Judith Rowe Family Trust Rowe Block Restoration Project $124,140 Undertake weed control in an alluvial forest remnant in the Moutere Ecological district. Eradicate hawthorn and old man's beard and provide sustained control of remaining weed species. 
Northern South Island Friends of Hanson Winter Reserve Restoration of the Hanson Winter Reserve $6,600 Purchase and install traps to carry out predator control (mustelids, possums and rats), and undertake weed control (Darwin’s barberry, hawthorn, old man's beard) over the 11ha project area. 
Northern South Island Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon Inc (the Society) Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon $18,000 Restore the Grovetown Lagoon to enhance the habitat for fish and bird life, and to enable the gathering of food and encourage recreational uses. 
Northern South Island The Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust Working with Communities to Build Ecological Resilience in the Marlborough Sounds.  $9,300 Harness the enthusiasm of local landowners to improve habitat for native wildlife in the Marlborough Sounds through improved predator control. The Trust will trial a subscription-based model for funding sustainable pest control. 
Northern South Island Marlborough Sounds Restoration Trust Wilding Pine Control in the Marlborough Sounds 2019-20. $91,081 Carry out wilding pine control in the outer Queen Charlotte Sound, outer Pelorus Sound and on D'Urville Island in the 2019-20 season. 
Northern South Island Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of NZ Inc  Te Hoiere Bat Recovery Project $17,860 Protect the habitat of the long-tailed bat/pekapeka by expanding the predator control network in the Pelorus catchment. 
Northern South Island Project De-Vine Trust in partnership with Tasman Environmental Trust Invasive Weed Management Abel Tasman National Park Southern Halo MU-H – Riwaka River to Marahau   $159,730 Prevent the spread of old man's beard, banana passion vine, Douglas fir and other invasive weeds into Abel Tasman National Park. 
Northern South Island Tasman Environmental Trust Farmers for Whio $71,253 Install and maintain a landowner supported trap network to control mustelids to assist with whio protection. This will also act as a halo to predator control in Kahurangi National Park. 
Northern South Island Kaikoura Ocean Research Institute Inc. (KORI) Abundance and Distribution of Little Penguins Along the Wider Kaikoura Coastline $8,600 Conduct surveys for little penguins along the Kaikoura coastline from Waipapa Bay to the Conway River. Understand little penguin abundance and distribution so that actions may be taken to protect them. 
Eastern South Island Sian's Bush Block  Sian's Bush Block $7,161 Bring back native plant and bird life and teach local youth how to trap pests and identify native birds and plants. Long-term goal of handing over the project to the community.
Eastern South Island Arthur's Pass Wildlife Trust Arthur's Pass Predator Free $79,040 Expand the current trapping programme in terms of number of traps and frequency of trap checking to enable native wildlife to flourish in Arthur's Pass National Park.
Eastern South Island Orari River Protection Group Orari River Gorge Trapping Project $2,673 Continue the successful trapping and native vegetation regeneration project in the Orari Gorge.
Eastern South Island Working Waters Trust Project Keep our Kowaro $12,900 Continue the successful restoration of a healthy kowaro (Canterbury mudfish) population to Tuhaitara Coastal Park, North Canterbury.
Eastern South Island North Canterbury Branch of the New Zealand Deer Stalkers Association (NZDA) Lewis River Good Nature A12 Possum Trap Line $3,609 Supplement the current stoat trap line with possum traps to further reduce the predator burden on the bird population.
Eastern South Island Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust Pest Free Banks Peninsula $155,000 Make Banks Peninsula effectively pest free by 2050. The primary outcome is to protect and enhance the Peninsula’s unique native habitats and species.
Eastern South Island Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand in collaboration Te Kohaka o Tuhaitara Trust Restoration of a Native Forest Coastal Sequence, Tuhaitara Coastal Park, North Canterbury $170,812 Set up a demonstration ‘restored native coastal forest sequence’ that was typical of north Canterbury. Replace logged pines and marginal pasture with foredunes of sandbinders, mid-zone coastal shrublands, wetlands and lagoons, and landward coastal podocarp forest.
Eastern South Island Predator Free Aoraki Predator Free Aoraki - Alpine Trapping Establishment  $8,900 Establish and maintain new traplines in the alpine zone of Aoraki Mount Cook National Park to protect indigenous alpine birds, especially tuke/rock wren, from predation from introduced mustelids.
Eastern South Island Conservation Volunteers New Zealand Canterbury and West Coast Wasp Wipeout Extension programme $50,060 Extend the successful wasp control operations in Nelson/Tasman areas - and the Canterbury region. The Vespula wasp species have a significant impact on endemic biodiversity. 
Western South Island Buller Conservation Volunteers Trust  Tauranga Ko Matarae Restoration Project $49,424 Restore the land-based ecosystem on the Tauranga Bay Headland to enhance the biodiversity of the area. This will be done through planting native plants as well as predator and weed control. 
Western South Island Buller Conservation Volunteers Trust  Orowaiti River Mouth Ecosystem Restoration Project $19,335 Revegetate a 50-metre strip covering 9.1ha on the Orowaiti estuary, restore land-based ecosystem for weka, and other species, and enhance the tidal estuary ecosystem - to create a buffer between pastoral land and estuary to inhibit nutrient run-off. Pest animal and weed control will be carried out.
Western South Island Okarito Community Association Okarito Lagoon Predator Control Programme $30,000 Maintain near predator-free status of coastal forests and wetlands of Okarito Lagoon (no resident possums, rats or stoats). Also maintain sustained control over the eastern side of the lagoon and Okarito village to complement DOC predator control in the Okarito rowi sanctuary. 
Western South Island West Coast Penguin Trust Thriving Seabirds along a Thriving Coast $176,346 Conserve penguins and other threatened seabirds on the West and better understand threats, both on land and at sea, so that practical actions can be taken. Continuation of predator trapping and developing and expanding education and awareness initiatives so that the behaviours of the community support the conservation of these species.
Western South Island Coast Road Dawn Chorus Landscape Control of Stoats along State Highway 6 of the Barrytown Flats $27,042 Install and manage an 18.5km stoat trapline along State Highway 6 with stoat/rat traps at 100m intervals. Help protect native birds in adjoining public conservation land, privately owned native bush, agricultural land and the coastal strip.
Western South Island Glacier Valley Eco Tours Ltd Project Early Bird $19,906 Install approximately 210 DOC200 traps (over 3 years) around Lake Gault in Fox Glacier. Reduce predation on kiwi chicks by decreasing the predators in this area. This will also lead to an increase in other bird life, especially the fernbird. 
Western South Island Ross Community Society Inc (RCS) Ross Water and Bird Sanctuary $17,334 Set up a network of mixed-use trapping tracks in the Jones Creek catchment area and install traps to target possums, rats and stoats. Ross youth will be involved in these activities. 
Western South Island Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust (MLBT) Mokihinui-Lyell Biodiversity Enhancement Project  $90,325 Focus on predator and weed control efforts along The Old Ghost Road covering land recently added to the Kahurangi National Park. 
Western South Island South Westland Area School (SWAS) South Westland Area School revegetation $14,940 Revegetate 'surplus' areas of the school grounds that are currently mown or just rough grassed. Areas will be retired and planted with native plants. Most of the planting and nursery activity will be undertaken by students
Western South Island Conservation Volunteers NZ  Hokitika Nursery and Wetland Restoration Project $95,290 Collaborative project to undertake a program of weed control, earth moving and native planting that contributes to the enhancement of wading bird and inanga habitat in tidal areas at Wadeson Island.
Western South Island The Paparoa Wildlife Trust Roaring Meg Predator Control Project $84,050 Maintain and expand existing predator control network in south-eastern Paparoa. 
Western South Island David Moore Predator Free 3408B $4,547 Predator trapping to wipe out rats and stoats from 4ha of West Coast bush to protect native birds and regenerating forest. 
Southern South Island Kelvin Peninsula Community Association (KPCA) Pest Control Group KPCA Pest Busters Team - Area Extension $2,500 Install traps in a new 3km trapline in Deerpark Heights that will run in parallel to the existing lakeside line.
Southern South Island Mamaku Point Conservation Trust Additional Traps and Celium Nodes $14,555 Add 90 new Celium nodes, plus an additional Celium mini hub to the Trust’s remote monitoring network, so that all traps can be cleared quickly once activated. 50 DOC 200 full stainless traps to be added to existing bait lines and replace old traps.
Southern South Island Queenstown Hill Trapping Queenstown Hill Predator Trapping $6,551 Help conserve the biodiversity of Queenstown Hill by identifying then trapping predators. 
Southern South Island Routeburn Dart Wildlife Trust Greenstone Road (Kinloch to Elfin Bay) Trap Line  $19,925 Target predators (hedgehogs) that are advancing up the west and east sides of Lake Wakatipu and stop them getting into the valleys north of the lake. This new trapline will be to the south of Kinloch and will help protect the west side of the lake.
Southern South Island Rakiura Maori Lands Trust The Neck Restoration Project: Animal Pest Control $156,600 Perform systematic pest control at The Neck (Stewart Island) to reduce predation of vulnerable native bird species, increase the abundance and diversity of flora vulnerable to rat and deer browse and reduce the risk of rat migration to Ulva Island.
Southern South Island Pomona Island Charitable Trust Protecting Kea, Kiwi, and Volunteers - Equipment Upgrade Project $17,816 Kea-proof traps on Pomona and Rona Island and the adjacent mainland to minimise the risk of kea deaths; protect the health and safety of volunteers through purchase of new radios and batteries; and protect kiwi through the purchase of cameras to detect pest species. 
Southern South Island New Zealand National Parks and Conservation Foundation Freeman Burn Valleys Project $81,500 Install 360 traps to establish predator control the length of the Freeman Burn from Lake Manapouri to Lake Minerva .
Southern South Island Fiordland Trails Trust Weed Control Adjacent to Lake2Lake Trail $20,000 Continue the control of invasive weed species (Darwin's barberry and Cotoneaster) at Manapouri  and at the Te Anau end of the Lake2Lake Trail. 
Southern South Island Fiordland Conservation Trust Conservation Connections $12,275 Improve collaboration between community conservation groups in Fiordland. Develop active relationships with groups and explore how working better together can lead to a more integrated and effective approach to biodiversity conservation in the region.
Southern South Island The Diamond Lakes Conservation Trust Great Diamond Lake Predator Control $14,247 Extend trap lines, purchase bait and perform trap maintenance and/or trap replacement. 
Southern South Island Big Bay Awarua Conservation Trust Big Bay Awarua Conservation Project $19,025 Predator control over 1,000 ha at Big Bay, South Westland.
Southern South Island Hollyford Conservation Trust - Te Roopu Manaaki o Whakatipu Waita Hollyford Conservation Project 2020/2022 - monitoring and predator control operations  $133,000 Monitor and control rodents, stoats and possums to enable translocations of native species previously found in the area, and monitor native species to measure progress in order to provide ecological restoration within a 2,600 ha project area in the Lower Hollyford Valley.
Southern South Island Mohiki Trust Stage 3 - Reforestation Richards Beach Cromwell $8,424 Remove exotic weeds from within a 4.5 ha site at Richards Beach, Lake Dunstan and re-plant with native plants. 
Southern South Island Quarantine Island Kamau Taurua Community Inc (QIKTC) Protecting and Enhancing Biodiversity on Quarantine Island Kamau Taurua $19,850 Protect, learn about, and enhance the island’s biodiversity through revegetation, weed and pest control. The remnant forest, regenerating bush and birds, insects and lizards on the Island are threatened by weeds, rats and mice. 
Southern South Island The Mohua Charitable Trust Seabird Restoration on Coal Island/ Te Puka-Hereka Preservation Inlet, Fiordland $8,530 Re-introduction of several species of relict and at-risk seabirds to Coal Island/ Te Puka-Hereka in Fiordland by anchoring them to the island via sound systems.
Southern South Island The Mohua Charitable Trust Translocation of tieke (South Island saddleback) to Coal Island/ Te Puka-Hereka in Preservation Inlet, Fiordland $24,705 Translocate endangered tieke (South Island Saddleback) to Coal Island/ Te Puka - Hereka, providing further security for this threatened species. 
Southern South Island Te Nohoaka o Tukiauau/Sinclair Wetlands Trust Kaitiakitanga, no Place for Weeds and Pests at Te Nohoaka o Tukiauau $219,000 Reduce invasive weeds and pests that adversely affect wetland biodiversity. Crucial component in restoring this 315ha wetland and helps empower mana whenua to exercise kaitiakitanga over the wahi taonga and the taonga that live at Te Nohoaka o Tukiauau/Sinclair Wetlands. 
Southern South Island Friends of Tucker Beach Wildlife Management Reserve Society Native Plant Restoration $20,000 Restore indigenous biodiversity through native planting in the Tucker Beach Wildlife Management Reserve. 
Southern South Island Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust (TSBT) Tomahawk Smaills Restoration Project $19,500 Restore the habitat and biodiversity of the active sand dune ecosystem in and around the Tomahawk Smaills beaches. The Trust has a productive nursery growing locally sourced seedlings and holds regular and well supported community planting days.
Southern South Island Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu  Kaitiaki o Katiki (Katiki Ranger) $55,200 Extend the existing Kaitiaki's role to continue the important mahi happening at Katiki Point including implementing a reserve and wildlife management work programme, visitor management, ecological restoration, and communicating cultural and wildlife values.
Southern South Island Milford Sound Lodge Limited Piopiotahi Ecosystem Restoration Project $107,374 Provide a managed integrated approach to predator control comprising the best practice techniques to help ensure resilience of the iconic biodiversity of the area, which includes several rare and endangered species (e.g. Fiordland tokoeka, whio, kea, kaka, boulder butterfly and other invertebrates).
Southern South Island Omaui Ahu Whenua Trust Pest Free Omaui $50,000 Restore and enhance the natural ecology of the Omaui area, a historical site with Maori and early settlers. This will be achieved with plans related to revegetation and pest control.
Southern South Island Aspiring Biodiversity Trust (ABT) Makarora Catchment Threatened Species Project - from Ridge to River $69,600 Enhance and restore indigenous threatened species and their habitats within the Makarora Catchment; "from ridge to river". 1. braided river for wrybill, black-fronted tern, black-billed gull, banded dotterel. 2. beech/ podocarp forest for kaka, mohua, long-tailed bat. 3. upper river for whio. 4. alpine environment for kea and rock wren.
Southern South Island Wanaka Backyard Trapping   Upper Clutha Trapping $14,406 Augment community led predator trapping efforts in the Upper Clutha urban and peri-urban “Backyard”, on local council and DOC land. 
Southern South Island Nick Loughnan Enhancement of Land on Galloway Flat Adjacent to DOC Rail Trail with Native Vegetation $3,750 Plant 100 trees per year for three years with protective rabbit netting on 3 km strip of land adjacent to DOC rail trail, Alexandra.  
Southern South Island Whakatipu Wildlife Trust Conservation Leadership in the Wakatipu Basin $70,000 Provide leadership across the Wakatipu Basin to fill gaps in the region’s predator control community-led activities by providing vision, coordination, support and a big picture approach to both community-wide and district level predator control groups. 
National Birds New Zealand New Zealand Bird Atlas Project Coordination $131,040 Project coordination for the New Zealand Bird Atlas project; a citizen science project aiming to record the distribution and abundance of our country's birds. Building on the legacy of the two previous Atlas projects, providing a 50-yr assessment of population trends across all of the country's birds. 
National Tane's Tree Trust Training Videos and Workshops for Best-Practice Restoration of Indigenous Ecosystems by Planting and Natural Regeneration $95,634 Deliver free, instructional training videos, accessible via mobile devices and websites, along with field-based workshops, on restoration of our indigenous ecosystems in collaboration with community groups, iwi and landowners. 
National Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust (YEPT) Facing Extinction: Increasing the Conservation Effort for Hoiho $312,180 Urgent action is required to reverse the decline of the endangered hoiho/yellow-eyed penguin. The Trust’s conservation efforts will be expanded to assist the survival of this species, threatened from marine and terrestrial impacts across their mainland range.
National MAIN Trust NZ WhitebaitWatch Monitoring Kit $20,000 Produce a Whitebait Database and monitoring kit for local community and school groups involved in spawning site surveys and river restoration work nationwide. The database will provide a central place for community records and help to support the expansion of citizen science activity and awareness of whitebait conservation needs.
National Hihi Conservation Charitable Trust (HCCT) Returning a Ray of Sunshine to New Zealand's Forests: a National Partnership to Recover Hihi. $244,800 Use a collaborative approach to work with community groups and mana whenua to increase hihi numbers and refine recovery methods. This will include translocations and support to employ one person to coordinate the collection of nationally consistent data to enable strategic learning.
National Wildlife Hospital Trust Hoiho/Yellow-eyed Penguin Veterinary Care at Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin $165,000 Provide hospital care for hoiho, including emergency treatment for predator-inflicted injuries, trauma, diphtheria, malaria, and starvation, and hand-rearing chicks at risk of disease or starvation. Strategic intervention and application of veterinary techniques assist the recovery of wild hoiho populations.
Total funding $8,132,783  
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