If you were a successful DOC Community Fund applicant, you'll need these resources to deliver your project.

Community group authorisation form

All DOC Community Fund recipients must submit this completed form to the Funds Team ( before the project can begin and the first instalment is paid:

Community group authorisation form (Word, 82K)

Note: This form only applies to applicants who do not yet have a signed Deed of Grant of funds. 

Deed of Grant of funds

Once a deed is signed between DOC and the successful applicant, and completed authorisation form submitted, the first instalment will be paid.

Sample Deed of Grant (PDF, 2,270)

Note: This is a sample deed only and will vary from a finalised deed.

Progress reports - guidance and claim forms

All DOC Community Fund recipients are required to provide progress reports on projects using the forms below.

See progress report guidelines for information on how to complete a progress report.

1.       Progress report and payment claim form (Word, 347K)

2.       Summary of expenses form (XLS, 46K)

3.       Final report and payment claim form (Word, 680K)

You may wish to use the DOC sample invoice (Word, 39K) or use you own invoice. If you use your own invoice it must contain all the information contained in the DOC sample invoice.

Note: these documents supersede all previous DOC Community Fund reporting documents.

How to submit your progress report and claim

Submit your progress report and claim by email to

If you have any questions about how to complete your progress report, contact the Funds Team by email or call 0800 862 020.

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