Here are some frequently asked questions about the DOC Community Fund.

Who can I contact about the DOC Community Fund?

For questions about the DOC Community Fund you can contact the Funds Team by email or call 0800 862 020.

If you require technical advice about project implementation (for example about predator free or weed control), then you can contact your local DOC office. The Funds Team can provide you with details of your local DOC office.

How much is available this year? 

The fund has at least $4.6 million to allocate to new projects each year.

Dates for the next funding round have not yet been confirmed. If you would like to be kept updated on announcements related to the fund please email with “subscribe” in the subject line.

Is there a limit to the amount of funding I can apply for?

There is no set limit to the amount of funding a project can apply for from the DOC Community Fund. However, the fund is extremely popular and it is normal for applications to far exceed the funds available. The amount of funding you request should reflect costs that are reasonable and necessary to carry out your project.

How many years of funding can I apply for?

You can apply for funding for a project up to a maximum of three years. If your project is multi-year, the total funding requested in your application should reflect the sum of the funding you would like to receive across all the years of the project (up to the maximum of three years).

What types of conservation projects are being funded?

The DOC Community Fund is directed at practical, on-the-ground projects which maintain and restore the diversity of our natural heritage and enable more people to participate in recreation, engage with conservation and value its benefits.

Who is eligible to be funded?

Eligible groups include the following:

  • private landholders and managers
  • community based organisations
  • local, regional and national umbrella groups
  • whānau, hapū and iwi groups.

Government departments and local authorities are not eligible. 

Will I require permission to undertake activities on public conservation land?

Successful applicants who will be working on public conservation land will need written work authorisation from your local DOC office. The Funds Team can provide you with details of your local DOC office. 

Will DOC invest in projects that make a commercial return?

No, the DOC Community Fund will not fund projects that accrue profit to the project sponsor or any associated entity.

Are there any obligations if a grant is awarded?

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Deed of Grant with DOC, which sets out reporting requirements and payments schedule. You will be required to report on your project's progress throughout its duration – reporting templates for the fund are available on this website.

Note that projects cannot commence until a Deed of Grant is place (ie no costs can be incurred until a deed is signed by both parties). Costs incurred before the Deed of Grant is signed will not be reimbursed.

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