The Biodiversity Advice Fund and the Biodiversity Condition Fund have been replaced by the DOC Community Fund.

The funds have been replaced by the DOC Community Fund.

Funding for previous Biodiversity Advice and Biodiversity Condition Fund projects, including the successful applicants in the 2013 funding round are still current. Contracts will continue and invoices should be submitted in the normal manner.

Phone the DOC funds team on 0800 862 020 if you have any questions.

About the biodiversity funds

The Biodiversity Advice Fund and the Biodiversity Condition Fund were government initiatives to enhance management of indigenous biodiversity on private land. These contestable Crown funds were administered by DOC. The funds are now closed.

  • The Biodiversity Advice Fund supported the provision of information and advice to land managers to assist them in managing indigenous biodiversity. 
  • The Biodiversity Condition Fund aimed to improve and maintain the condition of areas of indigenous vegetation, species and habitats, including wetlands and other freshwater ecosystems. 

Approved projects in previous funding rounds

Part of the responsibility of accepting the grant was to fulfil the reporting requirements (including financial reporting). The following templates were useful:

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If you can't view these files contact us to request another format. 

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