DOC's inquiry learning cycle guides student directed-learning in a conservation context.

What is inquiry learning?

Inquiry learning is a constructivist approach, where the student is at the centre of learning. Students form and develop a learning inquiry to investigate aspects of the topic and build a depth of understanding through questioning, thinking and research.

This teaching model incorporates a variety of thinking skills, information literacy skills and integrates well with information technology.

An inquiry learning journey starts with an open-ended question, followed by students collaborating with each other, showing what they have learned and assessing themselves and each other multiple times. It involves developing a solution using evidence to support the claim and presented through multi-methods of communication.

Page 1 of cycle publication.
Page one of inquiry learning cycle 

All of our latest education resources on this website are based on our integrated inquiry learning cycle. The cycle is a process for guiding student directed learning and co-constructing a pathway of inquiry when learning in a conservation context.

An inquiry learning approach provides a project management framework to support students to plan their investigations and implement their actions.  Integrated curriculum, project based learning builds on knowledge, skills and perspectives already developed and allows students to apply these and contribute to real-life authentic action.

Using the inquiry cycle

Teachers and students can select material and parts of activities from the resources to suit their learning inquiries.

The resources are not meant to be taught from beginning to end, but can serve as a pool of ideas to draw from. 

Download the inquiry learning cycle (PDF, 1,396K)

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