This poster has been designed to help teachers plan, implement and take action on restoration projects throughout the school year.

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Restoration through the seasons poster (PDF, 1,163K)

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Restoration through the seasons poster.

This resource offers ideas for restoration activities for each season of the year.

Summer/Autumn - term 1

  • Water plants
  • Collect seed
  • Explore local places – what lives there?
  • Collect real and useful data about your place:
    • map your biodiversity – what native plants live in your place?
    • which insects and birds are interacting with your plants (eg bees pollinating flowers)?
    • track local animals in tracking tunnels – who lives in your backyard?
    • count bird calls

Autumn/Winter - term 2

  • Draw a planting plan:
    • what/where are you going to plant? 
    • how big do things grow? 
    • are some plants better suited to wet/dry/windy places than others? 
    • consider sunlight and soil conditions.
  • Tell people what you're going to do. Ask for parent helpers. Book your planting days into the school calendar and newsletters
  • Plan/prepare a new planting site
  • Propagate new plants – take cuttings, sow seed
  • Use your school compost/worm wees to feed your new plants
  • Clean and prepare tools
  • Keep exploring your local places – what's happening out there?
  • Garden Bird Survey (usually end of June)

Winter/Spring - term 3

  • Plant while the ground is wet and digging is easy. The new plants will also have plenty of water to help them settle in
  • Mulch around your plants to give them some space from weeds that may grow too close and block out the sun
  • Plan a pest animal trapping programme
  • Build traps and/or tracking tunnels
  • Build insect shelters
  • Join The Great Kereru Count! (end of September)
  • Weed around new plants

Spring/Summer- term 4

  • Weed – release the plants from surrounding weeds
  • Mulch new plantings and water if it is a very dry season
  • Animals and insects are also on the move and enjoying the warmer weather, monitor their movements
  • Trap pest animals
  • Think ahead to next year ... what kind of planting do you want plants for?
    • weaving plants
    • habitat and food for birds, invertebrates and lizards
    • plants to prevent erosion
    • medicinal plants
    • amenities planting 
  • Order plants for next year so they have time to grow to a good size
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