Field Trip | Levels: 3-4: The Atene Tracks in Whanganui National Park offer a number of great walking experiences. Find out about the plants and animals in the area along the way.

The Atene Tracks are located in Whanganui National Park just 40 minutes drive from Whanganui at Atene on the historic Whanganui River road.

The tracks offer a number of great walking experiences for students and teachers.

The teaching resource provides pre- and post-visit activity suggestions, information on the biodiversity of the area and a number of activities to do with students while walking sections or the whole of the Atene Tracks, focussing on the plants and wildlife students will encounter along the way.

View the resource

Atene Tracks (Whanganui National Park) (PDF, 319K)

About the resource


  • Pre-visit and post-visit activities
  • Teacher notes including track information
  • 23 on-site activities

Learning levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Learning areas

  • Science
  • Health and PE

Learning outcomes

  • Students will research the different forms of life within an area of native forest.

Links to curriculum

  • Science: Living World: Ecology
  • Planet Earth and Beyond: Earth Systems
  • Investigating/ Participating and contributing
  • Understanding about Science


  • Forest and green spaces
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