Get details of LEOTC education programmes in Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mackenzie Basin for junior school students in years 1-10.


Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom (LEOTC) programmes complement and enrich classroom learning.

The Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mackenzie areas offer unique learning environments. To get the most out of their visit and learning opportunities, the majority of schools stay for 3-5 days. How much time you use the LEOTC service is up to you.

LEOTC Aoraki/Mount Cook caters for all junior students from Years 1-10 (Early Childhood, Primary, Intermediate and Junior Secondary). Programmes are designed to provide unique and stimulating learning experiences combining presentations with workshops, self directed learning opportunities, and outdoor pursuits.

LEOTC Aoraki/Mount Cook has a tradition of providing a range of high quality programmes which are directly linked to primary curriculum learning objectives and competencies across a multitude of subject areas. Our aim being to link our special alpine landscape to student learning via individually designed programmes for each school.

Choose from the following activities. If your year level or subject area is not presented here, contact us as we have the resources to put together presentations/workshops to align with different student needs.

Presentations/inquiry learning


Outdoor pursuits

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