Field trip | Levels 3-4: Find out about field trips to Māngere Mountain. The moutain is one of the largest and best preserved volcanos in the Auckland region.


Published: April 2005 

Māngere Mountain at a glance

This is of the least modified of the large cone pa sites which once dominated the Auckland (Tamaki Makaurau) skyline, and was once the site of the biggest Polynesian settlement in the South Pacific. Easily accessible from anywhere in Auckland, especially southern parts of the city, this is an ideal site for a half or full day programme.

This resource provides an overview of the island. The unit directs teachers wishing to pursue this field trip to suitable resources.  

View the Māngere Mountain field trip resource.

About the resource

Learning levels

  • Primary
  • Secondary 

Learning areas

  • Science
  • Social sciences

Learning outcomes 

  • Students will investigate an historic Māori pa site and its form and function.
  • Students will investigate and gain knowledge of the volcanic processes which helped form Māngere Mountain and much of the area around Auckland.
  • Students will develop understanding about how cultural practices vary but reflect similar purposes
  • Students will gain knowledge of how important large cone pa sites were to early Māori.

Links to curriculum 

  • Science
  • Social sciences: Place and environment
  • Health and PE: Personal health and physical development


  • Historic places 
  • Forest and green spaces


Māngere Mountain Education Centre
100 Coronation Road
Māngere Bridge
Phone: +64 9 634 7305
Māngere Mountain Education Centre website


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